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When it says that his favorite item is Gold, does it mean actual money, Gold Ore, or Gold Ingots?--Jacobpaige 19:20, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Favorite Items

Every NPC will accept gold coins and giving them will increase a players intimacy with an NPC to some extent. However, more than gold coins is usually required to get the intimacy level high enough to obtain access to such things as secret shops and NPC specific quests. I have removed gold as Comgan's favorite item for this reason. Comgan at present does not have a secret shop or give out quests that require a higher intimacy with him so proving that gold coins are a favorite item will be difficult. Note that, many NPCs have a different response if you give them gold coins as compared to giving them a favorite item. --ZRoc (Talk) 20:24, 23 October 2009 (UTC)


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PTJ Job Impossible In Bangor?119:56, 16 September 2016

PTJ Job Impossible In Bangor?

So when I've been trying to do his part time job in Barri I haven't been getting any more goblins to spawn. I think you might have to go to another dungeon to do this job. edit: more specifically, since the dungeons were changed.

Dragonkiri (talk)19:18, 16 September 2016

I've data mined the floor plan of the regular barri dungeon, post renewal, and while I can't find goblins spawning on the first floor, they do spawn on the second.

<puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2235)" arg2="group(2237)" arg3="single(goblin_barri:6)" /> <puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2236)" arg2="group(2237)" arg3="single(goblin_barri:6)" /> <puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2236)" arg2="single(bannerimp_barri:6)" arg3="single(goblin_barri:6)" /> <puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2237)" arg2="single(bannerimp_barri:6)" arg3="group(2238)" /> <puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2237)" arg2="single(goblin_barri:6)" arg3="single(bannerimp_barri:6)" /> <puzzle descriptor="data/script/puzzle/element/" arg1="group(2238)" arg2="single(goblin_barri:6)" arg3="single(greatmimic_barri:4)" />

The first three rooms of the second floor, for example, must spawn goblins, along with other creatures.

Hubertus (talk)19:54, 16 September 2016