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Portrait of ComganFile:Comgan.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Priest
Location Bangor
Part-Time Job Church
12:00 noon - 9:00 pm
Report From: 4:00 pm
Track My Life Led by God
I would like to build a church in Bangor... Would you help me a little?



This boy is wearing a priest's robe with wide necklines showing that he has on many layers of clothing. The color of his thick hair looks like feather clouds floating above Bangor sky. Blue eyes like a deep, tranquil ocean add a gentle radiance to his slightly tilted face. His gentle smile shows his godly manner.

Comgan is the priest of Bangor. His youth has made residents hesitant to follow a spiritual leader who many feel is not old enough to gain extensive spiritual wisdom.


Those close to Comgan know that he has impacted this region through his deep sincere faith that stems from his childhood. He voluntarily came to Bangor, a place where no one else wanted to go, and his admirable will to serve knows no bounds.

Comgan's burden is to build a church in Bangor. As Bangor is not known as a spiritual community, Comgan faces an uphill battle. Everybody seems to be secretly watching if Comgan can complete his goal, even those of the far-off grand cathedral of Emain Macha.

Mainstream Story



Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
My life led by God
Speaking to Comgan


  • Comgan is the only priest known in Erinn that requests inflicting any harm, specifically on Goblins and Imps.
  • Comgan (also Comhghán) is a combination of the Irish words comh(as a prefix meaning mutual or equal) and gin (also ghan/gan/gen/ghin/gein; all meaning birth).
    • A Saint Comgán likely inspired the use of this name.