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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Estimating Advancement Attempts109:22, 23 August 2018
Regarding: Echostone fragmenting513:40, 4 July 2017
Awakenings for different stones316:36, 22 June 2017
Possible Stat Gain306:57, 22 June 2017

Estimating Advancement Attempts

I did some calculations for the estimated number of advancement attempts it'll take to reach next level. Should I attach this as another column to the Echostone Advancing Success Chance table? It might help people figure out how much time they are willing to spend working on their Echostones. Also, it would be nice if someone good at math would be willing to look over my numbers.

Hematin (talk)22:09, 22 August 2018

Go ahead and post them. I don't see any reason not to.

Velox (talk)09:22, 23 August 2018

Regarding: Echostone fragmenting

This is mostly guesswork based on what I've observed.

I went to fragment a lvl 10 blue echostone and it showed that I would get a finest echostone stimulant. So what you get back might also depend on the dungeon level since someone else said that 6~11 it was only fine....

Linxindao (talk)14:58, 16 June 2017

Additionally since you can get a finest echostone stimulant at lvl 10 I believe there might be a series of potent stimulants at higher levels.

Does anyone know if echostones are limited to just one line?

Linxindao (talk)14:59, 16 June 2017

You can place your current highest level stimulant in the fragment and it'll list the potential items you'll get. Grade 12 stone will list Finest echostone stimulant, ancient powder, and ????? which probably means the list of extra items

Metaphoenix (talk)15:02, 16 June 2017

Level 8 for finest.

Rietty (talk)13:40, 4 July 2017

As well, the page mentions ancient powder but I haven't seen that show up as a result until 10.

Rydian (talk)23:59, 20 June 2017

better random stuff can be obtained from higher grades maybe?, i got 1 ancient golden crystal from a grade 25 silver echostone, i will keep fragmenting at that level to see what i can get.

Nyamunicus (talk)06:53, 4 July 2017

Awakenings for different stones

Different stones seem to get different awakening bonuses, please help fill in what you have (I just added them on the individual stones pages, idk if that seems good?) ^^

Kingjames488 (talk)17:21, 19 June 2017

Can you clarify what you mean? I know that the reforges possible for each stone are as follows:

Red: Melee, Lance Blue: Magic, Dual Gun, Music Yellow: Archery, Puppet, Life Silver: Martial Arts, Ninja, Transformation, God Black: Alchemy, Hidden Talent, Hero Talent, Set Effect

However I don't know exactly which reforges are present/which are not, currently. I'll start writing down them in the future.

Rietty (talk)06:56, 22 June 2017

that's pretty much what I mean.

Kingjames488 (talk)10:07, 22 June 2017


Rietty (talk)16:36, 22 June 2017

Possible Stat Gain

What does the "Possible Stat Gain" column represent? Numbers like 1 - 4?

Kapra - (Talk)08:39, 19 June 2017

If you get to grade 14, the next upgrade will increase the stone's stats by a number between 1 and 4. Min and Max shows the lowest and highest stat for that grade.

Metaphoenix (talk)09:53, 19 June 2017

More specifically, min and max show the lowest and highest cumulative stat gain up to that level.

Rietty (talk)06:57, 22 June 2017

I understand now, I wasn't reading the table the way the creator intended.

Kapra - (Talk)16:43, 19 June 2017