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User talk:Rydian

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Musical Knowledge113:41, 29 April 2018
Fluffy Ribbon Kitty Tail113:28, 4 September 2017
Making Gifs407:06, 20 March 2016
Exploration Quests519:20, 19 March 2016

Musical Knowledge

I know you got these numbers directly from the data but i think we can all agree that excellent performances do not occur 75% of the time. I contend that the unknown variable (Var1) is part of a calculation for the actual rate in which:

Rank 1 Example: Var1="206" Var2="75" Var3="15" Var4="0" Var5="10" Var6="30"

Inspiring Rate = Var3/Var1 ; Excellent Rate = Var2/Var1

Alternatively: Inspiring if rand(206)<15 ; else Excellent if rand(206)<75

This calculation provides a gradual, linearly increasing rate for each performance level based on the rank which are much closer to the observable rates. Large samples may help determine which of the calculations is closer to truth.

How this gets put in a table, I have no idea.

Edit: this also means that the values listed under reforges are not directly corresponding to % increase, adding roughly half of what is currently there/

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)19:19, 27 April 2018

Alright it's kind of ugly but I tried doing what I could to show and explain things on the page (and I updated the reforge info too).

Rydian (talk)13:41, 29 April 2018

Fluffy Ribbon Kitty Tail

Tails have durability now? Wait, no they don't... viewable in-game, anyway. Still only equippable in Style tab, right? Just... checking... (away for a couple days and suddenly I have no idea what's going on orz)

Elide (talk)12:52, 4 September 2017

They do, but it's not used in-game at the moment. All tails have 14, I guess it's left out of the wiki data so the repairs don't show up so I'll change that part back.

Rydian (talk)13:28, 4 September 2017

Making Gifs

Hey what do you use to make gifs and how do you get them to move on the main page? I haven't had much luck with it.

Staelus (talk)19:21, 19 March 2016

For making the gifs, I use GifCam. You can record straight from Mabi with it, but Mabi's annoying about switching focus back and forth so for some things I find it better to record with something like FRAPS and then play it in VirtualDub so I can record the gif frame-by-frame. Mainly because you want gifs to be efficient, no wasted frames and not too long and junk.

As far as getting them to play properly, make sure you're uploading them at correct size for display in the page in the first place so that they're not scaled or thumbnailed.

Rydian (talk)01:17, 20 March 2016

I'm trying my best here, and I got the gif made and working, but it's not showing up on the item's page. Could I have some help in pointing out what I did wrong please?'s_Tuxedo

Staelus (talk)06:18, 20 March 2016

I'm going to guess the #x# pixel is too big and try once more in a smaller size. If that doesn't work, I'll hang tight and wait for you to look at it.

Staelus (talk)06:35, 20 March 2016

YES! I got it working. Thank you so very much for linking me that gif program. I, no joke, tried 7 different websites and 3 other programs while trying to figure out how to make a working gif for the wiki. Feel free to talk a look when you have a moment.

Staelus (talk)07:06, 20 March 2016

Exploration Quests

I'm not sure why you removed the quest costs and replaced it with quest description, even though quest cost is much more important information. The quest title is really self-explanatory for what the quest entails. Also are you sure if the special quests are actually gone? They only appear sometimes so it's possible they just never appeared for you.

katsy (talk)00:16, 20 February 2016

Oh, I forgot about quest cost. I'll see what's up with that info next time I have a chance to log it.

If the special ones show up for people they can be added as they show up.

Rydian (talk)09:08, 20 February 2016

They were already added before you erased them lol. Makin' me work I swear.

Meru (talk)15:05, 20 February 2016

Well I recreated the quest list from scratch (because updating 610+ quests manually is lolno) and I missed the quest cost because it's in the binary blob before the quest's actual description/data for some reason. I'll see if I can't find the scripts again and find a way to include it when converting stuff a second time.

Rydian (talk)04:20, 21 February 2016

Alright here's the formatted dump with the gold cost info included this time.

Would you prefer the columns in a different order, while I'm messing with the output?

Rydian (talk)04:57, 21 February 2016

I like that order, thanks for your work.

Meru (talk)13:19, 21 February 2016