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Talk:Rat (Family)

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Black Ship Rats

Any good tips of killing these things fast? I normally WM spam them in a group but for solo *siren* ice counter is only so effective. Any tips?

I noticed that i can usually 5 charge fire bolt to 1 shot them, and i think they are ice elemental...(r5 firebolt) Wuberfeca

Dungeon Rats?

I recently found a fomor scroll for Dungeon Rat in a personal shop. The owner hasnt responded as to where he got it but.... does anybody know what a Dungeon Rat is? Never see one before...

Dear Anonymous person, (<<lol???) Um, I was browsing through another page, and I think I found the answer. (Talk:Hunting_Quests) Apparently its in Physis..underground.....caves???--♫ѕτя♪ (I can't find an "a" D:) 22:50, 14 May 2009 (UTC)


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Duplicate Entries?123:14, 12 March 2020
New dungeon monsters020:04, 6 December 2016

Duplicate Entries?

Under the Theater Mission section we currently have:

  • 5 entries of Large Elsinore Rat
  • 5 entries of Elsinore Rat
  • 5 entries of Town Square Rat

Does anyone know if this is a glitch or whether there really are 5 DIFFERENT varieties of each. As far as stats have been entered there don't seem to be any differences and the 5 entries all seem to use the same image.

Librarian (talk)20:30, 15 February 2020

I just went in and fixed the issue. For some reason the page was using some odd Search Function rather than the QueryMonsters Template.

Lint (talk)23:14, 12 March 2020

New dungeon monsters

Rabbie normal

Grey Town Rat

  HP= ~600
Psymaiko (talk)20:04, 6 December 2016