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Talk:Special Equipment Box

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This gacha gave out unnatural items.307:28, 3 July 2017

This gacha gave out unnatural items.

For future reference (and to explain other edits), this gacha gave out two things of note.

1 - It gave out guns with blacksmithing bonuses on top of their engineering stats. This means there's Dowra SE models with 12-24 damage. Taunes MK3 models with 8-62 damage, and Golden Guns with 43-108 damage (I have one of each). They can be identified by coming out of the gacha with the white-on-gold color scheme (and of course the stat differences, including huge dura bonuses).

2 - It gave out the NPC version of the BDK sword, which has the staff tag and can use advanced magic. This model came out with 222 max due to the forced stat bonuses. I logged housing and saw people selling that model, and I personally saw somebody in Ruairi with one and they held it and used Lightning Rod successfully, so it's actually a thing some players got and Nexon never swapped them out.

Rydian (talk)15:08, 30 June 2017

Actually I can confirm that the BDK sword does not have its same properties as before and cannot use adv magic anymore.

Kiairii (talk)08:46, 2 July 2017

Finally bought one today and checked the item data to confirm for myself. They definitely replaced the Ruairi ones with the normal ones (most likely during a maint) so I'm editing the pages to note that now.

Rydian (talk)17:24, 2 July 2017

I'm not entirely sure when but they did it months ago.

Kiairii (talk)07:28, 3 July 2017