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Talk:Sword Mastery

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Does it Really Add Balance?314:05, 1 August 2013

Does it Really Add Balance?

I have checked the Balance stat every single time I rank Sword Mastery, but I don't see the Balance move at all. I have checked this with several characters ranking it from Rank F and forward.

Does it secretly increase Balance as a hidden buff, much like Shields does, or did I miss something?

12:42, 1 August 2013

It should add balance...

12:55, 1 August 2013

It does. It says so right there in the description...

13:11, 1 August 2013

Found the problem.

The Balance is only added after a relog.

Or at that the numbers only updates afetr a relog.

13:28, 1 August 2013