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Xhu sure has gotten cuter without trying.
Lexis Mikaya, formally Mikaya in-game
Guild {{{Guild}}}
Gender Female
Race Human100
Part-Time Job {{{Part-Time}}}
Repair {{{Repair}}}
Server Alexina100
Total Level Hardcore
Current Arcana
Current Talent Soul Star
Favorite Skill Sakura Abyss.png100
Transformations Spirit of Order.png100
Demigod Support
Mainstream Quests
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13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25
The Saga: Iria
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The Saga: Iria II
P 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mika-Senpai doesn't liked being found...
Template StyleMonster Icon AggroSpeed.gif This user has been known to procrastinate. This user also puts off projects to laziness, or real life takes over.
Math is Hard.gif This user fails at Mathematical equations and anything arithmetic related.
Apprentice Designer Hat.png This user has made several unofficial icons for some skills.
Halloween Party 2nd Title.png This user is a fan of the Cursed Labyrinth and has solved the mysteries of the Milester Mansion, time and time again.
Transformation Medal Coupon.png Shamala's Transformation Medal.png This user lacks many NPCs Transformations!
Commerce Mastery.png This user used to farm for their own items, spending nothing on player obtained items. HARDCORE!
Counter Blow.png This user is known to lose self-control in several situations...
Intense screaming has been heard, as well as violent outcries.
Angry Food Table Flipping.png This user is ragequitstableflips. Even if it was made of the finest of materials or has something expensive on it, it will be flipped.

About Me

For a detailed list of all of my characters, go here.

Before we start, enjoy this free cat. His name is Kiba:

゙(゚、 。 7
 しし し )ノ

My name is Lexis, many know me by my in-game name "Mikaya" and has been called "Mika" for short.

I am female, and already taken, so don't bother adding me just to ask me out on dates or anything. It will result in an automatic refusal and will be denied. I am also a staff member of the Mabinogi World Wiki, albeit the laziest one ever. If you ever have a problem, you may ask any Administrator, or any of my fellow Decepticons: Blargel, Kiyoura, and Nise Panda. Disregard the name "Decepticons," we're quite friendly and willing to assist anyone who needs help.

While monitoring the new edits on the wiki, I can see if I can:

  • Fix the typos or edits to meet wiki standards
  • Reply to threads of my interests or helping someone
  • Review changes to certain suspicious edits
  • Review uploads and see if it meets standards

If there is anything you need, use my talk page. I'm on the wiki pretty often due to looking up items. However, if it is absolutely necessary for you to add me, then at least note me ahead of time of where you are coming from (like "found me on the wiki").

Contact Information

You can either do one of the following to contact me:

  • Use my talk page. For more information, see my talk page.
    • This should be the first thing you try first in order to contact me.
    • I am almost, always browsing the wiki, so don't be afraid to drop by my talk page.
  • Send a message to me via Forums. My user name is also LexisMikaya.
    • I am also invisible. You may not catch me at all at times.
  • Send an email, though it may get lost with other important things...
  • If you e-mailed me anything, please leave something via a pm on the forums or on my talk page along with a brief idea what it is. Or you could just say "Check your mail."

Mabinogi Status

Wiki Status

Oversees Recent Changes

In-Game Activities

I quit.



Other Notable Things

  • First known GM Ninja of Alexina, at least to my knowledge.
  • Cursed Labyrinth Forever!
  • Puppets are fun...really fun...
  • If you're looking for a good read (at least I think it is so far...), check out the Story so Far... It's essentially a rather large recap on a Milletian's adventures. Appears to be on hold....Life calls.
  • My life has come full circle...I no longer want anymore items. *quits Mabinogi just joking...

Anniversary dates

The following dates are used for Shakespeare references for Generation 16's Finale. It also acts as a way of how long I've been playing and how long since I made my other character. The only reason I know the exact date is because Mabinogi is the first Nexon Game I played...I used the registration confirmation e-mail to figure this out.

  • Mikaya's Mabinogi Starting Date: April 9th, 2009
    • Mabinogiworld Join Date: December 27th, 2009
  • Xhu's Mabinogi Starting Date: August 8th, 2012

My User Guides

Everything here is based on my experiences, and is therefore, my own research (unless otherwise stated). Anything that is struck out means it has been scrapped or has stopped being worked on for the time being or indefinitely. Don't worry, the links are still valid and can still be viewed, albeit minimal edits will occur. Anything in italics is under review and being updated periodically.

Notice: You are welcome to edit them and add things, but NOT vandalize them.

101 and Variety Guides

Merely introduction guide to various skill sets/techniques and help guides to various things...nothing special.

  • Alchemy 101 (Outdated, updates pending): My first guide :D...shame I chose alchemy of all things.
    • Update held off possibly indefinitely.
  • Lancemanship 101: My second guide :D I'm actually kinda happy how this one turned out. My brother helped my out on this one since he uses a lance more than I do.
    • Postponed indefinitely.
  • Puppetry 101: An introduction guide to those interested in mainly focusing on Puppetry.
  • Training Your Pet: A Guide to Leveling Pets: Since I like Pets more for their usefulness than their on summon AoEs and junk, here's a guide on how to find the right companion for yourself, and how to get them stronger, and how to use them much more effectively than just summon and desummon.
  • Transformation Diary Addendum: An addendum to Larsa's The Mabinogi Transformation Mastery Training Guide. Larsa's guide is an extremely useful one, so go on and take a look at it before looking at the addendum.
    • Postponed indefinitely.
  • MML 101: A guide to learn MML and how to compose, edit, and even create your very own original compositions with this valuable guide! I will try to keep it simple, but it is very hard to apply. Once you get the hang of it, you may even compose things by ear, or even make one from scratch. I know I did with my own guide :D Free MML included.
  • Abyssal Hell Guide: Tackling Abyss Dungeons but have absolutely no idea what to expect? Tired of party wipes in Peaca Abyss? No problem! This handy guide will show you the light at the darkest path you will ever embark for Dungeons!
    • Postponed indefinitely.

Tidbits and other projects

Side projects. Nothing said here but just pages that aren't really guides, but basically anything I found useful and want to share or it's projects that deserved their own page. You can find more projects not listed here in my Sandbox, listed below.

  • Generation 15 Answer Key: For the purpose of getting the title you want. I am going to pick this up once more, and only once more. It appears G15 has crossed my path once again.
    • Postponed indefinitely.
  • Optimizing Pictures to Wiki Standards: The wiki has a set amount of criteria regarding pictures on the wiki that involve equipment, which can be found here. This page is a build-up from the general guide the wiki has and is meant to be a detailed guide to make pictures on the wiki as presentable as possible.
    • Update Pending due to new screenshot controls back in uhh.........whatever patch.
  • Sandbox: It's not full of sand...but rather incomplete projects. It may also contain various things such as fun facts, trivial things, interesting finds, and the like. If you want to pick up on a project, or build on top of it, go for it.
    • Trivial Sandbox: Anything not project related goes here...have fun reading the triviality of things.
  • The Story So Far in Mabinogi: This absurd page is a plot synopsis and well...I feel like it's a giant fanfiction. It may eventually be reworded into something wiki worth and may replace the current Mabinogi Storyline Recap page.
    • Postponed indefinitely.

Things to Remember

Just some special things to remember when playing Mabinogi. I found it useful as years went by, but if it's useful to you then that's good too ~

Links To Remember

  • Mabinogi NA wiki: Your main source of NA Mabinogi content.
  • Mabinogi JP Wiki Use this wiki to look at some overseas content. Unless you know Japanese, using this site as a guide would be pointless. Knowledge of Japanese is recommended.
  • Mabinogi Gameabout: A Korean Site with information for Mabinogi of Korea. Comes complete with skill info, enchants, and even guides. Knowledge of Korean is strongly recommended.
  • Mabinogi Character Maker: Trying to think of a new color scheme? Need to preview something before you dye it? Need a change in looks but not sure what to change during rebirth? Test it out here before you make the final changes :D! It is a lot better than the Style Studio Nexon has on their site. You will need Internet Explorer for this to work. You may have to have some knowledge of the Japanese Language to translate items. They all use overseas names, and therefore, may have mistranslated or "Engrish" names. For "Google Chrome" Users, you will need to download the IE Tab extension for it to work properly.

Wiki Pages Remember