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Talk:Wishing Tree

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Does the tree really work217:27, 26 November 2011
What the...008:20, 18 November 2011

Does the tree really work

I tried converting on a Alt character that only had 300 ducats with 10k gold and he had no increase at all. I don't think the tree is actually working right? Has anyone here ACTUALLY got ducats from the tree.

Falmosta16:59, 26 November 2011

I think it stops after a certain amount OR maybe it's merely chance. No one knows...yet.

LexisMikaya17:22, 26 November 2011

It's merely chance, I have see my ducat count increase several times. There isn't a known limit.

Pyro - (Talk)17:27, 26 November 2011

What the...

The Wishing tree has a purpose O<o... does it convert gold to ducat...must be some miracle worker or would this be a possible option to get an elephant :D? ;A; I just want 6 mill ducats for a masterpiece bow.

Then again...300K ducat for 10K a day for 30 days...hmm...-ponders-

LexisMikaya08:20, 18 November 2011