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Template:DataCeltic Royal Crossbow

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Celtic Royal Crossbow |Desc=A crossbow made with the dignity of the Goddess. It is elegant, flexible, and demonstrates great power. The rigor at which it penetrates enemies emulates the wrath of the Goddess. |Category=/equip/righthand/weapon/crossbow/wood/Crossbow/celtic_royal_crossbow/smith_repairable/not_ego/human_elf_only/piercing/

|hitsound=arrow |magazinetype=/bolt/ |splash_radius=350 |splash_angle=90 |splash_damage=0.9 |stamina_usage=2.0 |lance_piercing=3

|BuyPrice=100000 |Tradability=0 |Race=/human/ | /elf/ |Width=2 |Height=2 |Color1=1 |Color2=1 |Color3=1 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |AttackSpeed=7 |DownHitCount=2 |Range=1600 |MinDamage=25 |MaxDamage=61 |MinInjury=0 |MaxInjury=100 |Critical=40 |Balance=20 |Durability=15000 |Upgrades=5 |GemUpgrades=1 |SpecialUpgrade=y |Spirit=n

|Information= |ObtainList=*Carpentry

|Method=Carpentry |SkillRank=1 |ProductionExp=10,000 |Materials=Finest Firewood x 8
Radiant String x 3
Lightless Metal Fragment x2
Forgotten Mage's Gem x 1
Hard Monster Horn x 5 |SuccessRate_rN=0 |SuccessRate_rF=0 |SuccessRate_rE=0 |SuccessRate_rD=0 |SuccessRate_rC=0 |SuccessRate_rB=0 |SuccessRate_rA=0 |SuccessRate_r9=0 |SuccessRate_r8=0 |SuccessRate_r7=0 |SuccessRate_r6=0 |SuccessRate_r5=0 |SuccessRate_r4=0 |SuccessRate_r3=0 |SuccessRate_r2=0 |SuccessRate_r1=35 }}