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Alban Knights Training Grounds

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Banner for the Alban Knights Training Grounds.


The Alban Knights Training Center is a hidden dungeon with only one entrance: the Knight's Emblem in Dunbarton, found on the eastern wall just east of Nerys. There are only two static rooms: the waiting area where players can meet to establish a party, and a 'lobby' area for each floor of the dungeon. The four rooms are marked with their own knight emblem.


The default settings when choosing to enter.
  • There are four floors, each with four training rooms. All four rooms must be cleared before the party can proceed to the next floor.
  • After completing a floor (other than the fourth floor) and activating the statue at the center of the lobby, all party members will receive one of the following: HP 300 Potion x5, MP 300 Potion x5, a random Rune, Free Repair Kit (Magic School, Trading Post, Bangor Pub), or Free Repair Kit (Blacksmith, Engineer, Alchemist)
  • Rarely, instead of combat, a Supply Chest may spawn in a room instead. This Supply Chest will contain ~10,000g as well as some of the following:
  • Floors 1 and 2 have one to three waves of monsters in each room.
  • Floors 3 and 4 have two to four waves of monsters in each room.
    • The number of waves will depend on difficulty (e.g: Hard will have 4 waves on floor 4).
    • Monsters satisfy requirements for quests and contribute to the Transformation Diary.
  • The environment for battle is randomly chosen from the many locations throughout Erinn.
  • Entry is limited to 3 times per day.
    • Entries are reset at 7:00 AM server time.
Alban Knights Training Stone - Yellow.png Alban Knights Training Stone - Red.png Alban Knights Training Stone - Green.png Alban Knights Training Stone - Grey.png Alban Knights Training Stone - Blue.png
-Alban Training Stones-
  • There are several reward tiers on each difficulty, from C Rank to SS Rank. To raise the reward tier, players must use Training Stones to modify the conditions of the training session.
    • Training stones can be obtained by completing any difficulty of Alban Knights Training Center or from Uladh Dungeons and Shadow Missions.
      • Yellow stones adjust the overall difficulty of the training dungeon.
        • Difficulty Ranks from lowest to highest: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard, and Heroic.[1]
      • Red stones adjust the number of trainees admitted into the dungeon.
      • Gray stones will either buff or penalize enemy spawns.
      • Green stones either buff or penalize the party members.
      • Blue stones unseal special rooms.
      • Generally, buffing enemy spawns and/or penalizing party members will raise the reward tier.
        • Reward tiers affect the chest drops, as well as the Hidden Floors Paradise of Gems and Aton Cimeni Anvil.
        • Overall difficulty from yellow stones affect EXP, Crusader EXP, Gold, and requirements for Titles.
          • As it is technically in the Shadow Realm, EXP earned from this dungeon can be increased in the same ways regular Shadow Missions can. Crusader EXP will also be increased if the player wears an Ancient Alban Knight Robe or "the New Divinity" title. Gold, however, remains fixed.
      • Only one stone of each color may be used per run.
    • Hidden Floor (Floor 5) can be accessed after obtaining regular reward upon boss's defeat and will grant more rewards depending on blue stone used.
      • For Hidden Floor: Paradise of Gems, the CM of gem varies based on the reward tier.
    • For Hidden Anvil, 1-4 rooms based on reward tier are unlocked on the hidden rooms with Special Upgrade anvils.
      • You must defeat one wave of monsters before accessing the Anvil.
      • Each Anvil has one use with a bonus of 50% of the base success rate.
        • Ex: Step 2 has a base success of 50% success, and the special anvil will raise the success by 50% of that base of that step for a total of 75% success.



Basic Difficulty
EXP Crusader EXP Gold
40,000 100 4,000
Intermediate Difficulty
EXP Crusader EXP Gold
72,000 120 5,000
Advanced Difficulty
EXP Crusader EXP Gold
120,000 200 8,000
Hard Difficulty
EXP Crusader EXP Gold
200,000 350 12,000
Heroic Difficulty
EXP Crusader EXP Gold
280,000 500 16,000
Alban Knights Emblem.png
Rune of Body.png Rune of Ingenuity.png Rune of Mana.png Rune of Mind.png Rune of Sharpness.png
-Alban Emblem Totem-
  • Players will obtain a Journal entry for their first clear of Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard, and Heroic Difficulties.
    • On obtaining all individual Journal entries, they will be replaced with a capstone Journal entry.
  • Players will obtain "the Unstoppable" Title for their first clear without a Party.
  • Players will obtain "the Indomitable" Title for their first Advanced Difficulty clear without a Party.
  • Players will obtain "the Limit Breaker" Title for their first Heroic Difficulty clear without a Party.

Clear Rewards

  • Gold: (See Table)
  • Experience: (See Table)
  • Crusader Experience: (See Table)

General Rewards

Hidden Floor Rewards

Hall of Mages

Hall of Rangers

Hall of Warriors

Hall of Crusaders

Paradise of Gems

Rank Size
C 5-7cm
B 6-8cm
A 7-9cm
S 9-10cm
SS 10cm
  1. Upon hitting the orb in the room, a preparation countdown of 4 seconds will begin.
  2. When the countdown finishes, treasure piles will begin to spawn around the room for a period of time.
    • Treasure piles will continue to spawn for 30 seconds.
  3. Clicking on a treasure pile will destroy it, spawning multiple stacks of gold and a gem.
    • It is recommend that the party avoid picking up the gold initially, and instead focus on destroying as many mounds to increase the amount of gold available.
    • Old and New gems can be found during this phase.
  4. When the timer finishes, treasure piles will stop spawning.
    • Any existing gold and gem stacks remain to be collected.

Aton Cimeni Anvil

Rank Uses
C 1
B 1
A 2
S 3
SS 4
  1. Up to four rooms, dependent on Rank, will spawn on the additional hidden floor. Each must be cleared to unlock a special Special Upgrade Anvil that has exactly one use.
    • Specifically, one per party. If a party of 4 wishes to all have one Anvil use, they must complete the Alban Knights Training Grounds on SS Rank.
    • There will always be 4 training rooms, even if the reward tier is not SS Rank.
      • Rooms must be completed to reveal if they have or do not have an Anvil; all Anvils must be found to finish the Training Grounds.
  2. Each Anvil has a bonus of 50% of the base success rate.
    • Ex: Step 2 has a base success of 50% success; this will be raised to a total of 75% success, 50% + (25%).