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Alban Knights Training Grounds

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The Alban Knights Training Center is a hidden dungeon with only one entrance: the Knight's Emblem in Dunbarton, found on the eastern wall just east of Nerys. There are only two static rooms: the waiting area where players can meet to establish a party, and a 'lobby' area for each floor of the dungeon. The four rooms are marked with their own knight emblem.


The default settings when choosing to enter.
  • There are four floors, each with four training rooms. All four rooms must be cleared before the party can proceed to the next floor.
  • After completing a floor (other than the fourth floor) and activating the statue at the center of the lobby, all party members will receive one of the following: HP 300 Potion x5, MP 300 Potion x5, a random Rune, Free Repair Kit (Magic School, Trading Post, Bangor Pub), or Free Repair Kit (Blacksmith, Engineer, Alchemist)
  • Rarely, instead of combat, a Supply Chest may spawn in a room instead. This Supply Chest will contain ~10,000g as well as some of the following:
  • Floors 1 and 2 have one to three waves of monsters in each room.
  • Floors 3 and 4 have two to four waves of monsters in each room.
    • The number of waves will depend on difficulty (e.g: Hard will have 4 waves on floor 4).
  • The environment for battle is randomly chosen from the many locations throughout Erinn.
  • Entry is limited to 3 times per day.
    • Entries are reset at 7:00 AM server time.
  • There are several reward tiers on each difficulty, from C Rank to SS Rank. To raise the reward tier, players must use Training Stones to modify the conditions of the training session.
    • Training stones can be obtained by completing any difficulty of Alban Knights Training Center or from Uladh Dungeons and Shadow Missions.
    • Yellow stones adjust the difficulty of the training dungeon.
    • Red stones adjust the number of trainees admitted into the dungeon.
    • Gray stones will either buff or penalize enemy spawns.
    • Green stones either buff or penalize the party members.
    • Blue stones unseal special rooms.
    • Only one stone of each color may be used per run.
    • Difficulty Ranks from lowest to highest: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard, and Heroic[1].
    • Generally, buffing enemy spawns and/or penalizing party members will raise the reward tier.
    • Hidden Floor (Floor 5) can be accessed after obtaining regular reward upon boss's defeat and will grant more rewards depending on blue stone used.
    • For Hidden Floor: Paradise of Gems, the CM of gem varies based on difficulty and reward tier and will give a lot of gold (Both gems and gold will be dropped at your feet).
    • For Hidden Anvil, 4 rooms are unlocked on the hidden rooms with possible anvils.
      • You must defeat one wave of monsters before accessing the Anvil.
      • Each Anvil has one use with a bonus of 50% of the base success rate.
        • Ex: Step 2 has a base success of 50% success, and the special anvil will raise the success by 50% of that base of that step for a total of 75% success.



Hidden Floor Rewards

Hall of Mages

Hall of Rangers

Hall of Warriors

Paradise of Gems

Rank Basic Intermediate Advanced Hard Heroic
C 5-7cm -
B 6-8cm 6-8cm
A - 7-9cm
S - 9-10cm 9-10cm
SS - - -