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Template:DataEnchantFox Hunter's

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Fox Hunter's |Rank=E |Type=Prefix |EnchOn=All |ItemsDroppedBy=Enchant Scroll (Alby Normal Hardmode Reward)
Cores' Thief Gloves (Skeleton Wolf)
Long Bow (Longa Emerald Reward)
Short Bow (Longa Topaz Reward)
Tailoring Kit (Spider Fighter/Archer/Soldier/Ranger/Warrior)
Fluted Short Sword (Desert Warrior Ghost (Weak))
Mace (Desert Warrior Ghost (Strong))
Cloth Shoes (Jungle Cobra, Swamp Cobra)
Broad Stick (Ciar Normal, Ciar Normal Hardmode Reward)
Cores' Felt Hat (Connous Underground Maze Chest)
Ice Flute (Par Ruins Snow Crystal Treasure Room) |Implement=Yes |DmgMaxPos=2~4 |DmgMaxReq=while lvl +3 }}