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Template:DataThe Magically Vanished Bird Sculpture

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=The Magically Vanished Bird Sculpture |QuestBoard=Qilla Base Camp |Cap=n |Level=2 |Cost=20 |RewardEEXP=426 |RewardCEXP=612 |RewardGold=408 |TimeLimit=n |Briefing=I remember seeing a pillar featuring the engraving of a bird sitting on top of a stick somewhere in Maiz Prairie, but I can't seem to find it again. I really tried to find it again, but I couldn't. Can you please look for the bird stone sculpture in Maiz Prairie, and find out how you can find it? Thank you. |Objectives=

  • Talk to Ethna
  • Talk to Alexina
  • Find the hidden Bird Stone Sculpture using L-Rod
  • Post the sketch on the Quest Board

|Advice=The bird sculpture can be found just north of Qilla Base Camp. One place it is commonly found is near the Mana Tunnel, just a few dozen steps north of the rightmost brown patch which can be seen on the map north of the Mana Tunnel. They are also commonly found near the large lighter patch on the map a few hundred yards north of the camp (the one that has many smaller light patches around it). It can be found along the direct, straight line between the Qilla mana tunnel and the Flower Mark. }}