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Portrait of Ethna
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Qilla Base Camp

Track Runaway Girl


Her bright red hair, reminiscent of red geranium petals, are rolled into little buns like an insect's antennae, and a thin scarf is flung around her fragile neck. She marches toward me as if being pulled by a noose on her nose, and looks at me with her defiant eyes, looking ready for a quarrel.

Ethna is a spunky girl wearing a short red, revealing outfit. She manages the Erskin Bank branch in Qilla Base Camp.

Back home, Ethna was a gang member, and was sent to Qilla because her father had had enough with her rambunctious activities. She was quite shocked at the change in scenery when she arrived, but Ethna sees the prairies as a new challenge.

Favorite Items

Gifts Returned for Gems

  • An item (randomly chosen from a small selection of items) will be received as a returned gift by giving Ethna a desired jewel.
  • The chance to receive some returned gifts may only occur if the desired jewel given to Ethna is above a certain size.
Jasper Size
Stone Zombie Eye 4.00cm - 10.00cm
Pot-Belly Spider Venom Sac 2.09cm - 10.00cm
Handicraft Kit 1.00cm - 9.00cm
Pet First-Aid Kit 1.00cm - 8.0cm
Finest Leather x 10 2.27cm - 10.00cm
Diamond Size
Stamina 100 Potion x 10 1 cm+
Butcher Knife 2.00cm - 10.00cm
Purple Rose Bouquet none
Rose Plate Armor (Type P) with Refined prefix none


License Price
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (purple) 2,250g
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (red) 2,250g
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (green) 2,250g
Rano Personal Shop License 10,000g
Rano Premium Personal Shop License 15,500g

Ethna's Equipment


  • "Alright! It's you against me!"
  • "It's all about your spirit! Spirit! Use your spirit to make things happen! Push! Push to save!"
  • "And if he's a customer, it's all about guts!"