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Name Minimum Total Materials[1] Item Rank Skill Rank


This style template creates a column headings row for a table using Template:StyleUsedInProductionSkillBody to create the table's rows. For more information and examples of usage, see the associated style templates Template:StyleUsedInProductionSkillBody.

Important: The column headings created by Template:StyleUsedInProductionSkillHeader include reference tags, so the following sub-section should be included under the last table to use this style template;

=== <small>Notes</small> ===
<small><references group=" " /></small>

If this style template is used in both the "Methods to Obtain" and "Used In" sections then just add it to the bottom of the "Used In" section. This is done because if it is added to both sections it will only repeat the same information and the "Used In" section is always below the "Methods to Obtain" section (if both sections exist on the same page). If this template is used in only one of these sections then add it to the bottom of the section it is used in.

The section below has been included to display the notes created by the reference tags and to stop the reference tags from producing error messages on this template's page. However, this section is inside noinclude tags and therefore will not be included when this template is transcluded.


  1. This column is for the minimum number of each material required to actually produce a complete item within the least number of attempts and not the number of materials required for a single attempt (note that some items can be completed in a single attempt and in this case, the two are the same).