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Category:CP Potions

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Basic Information

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This category groups potions that alter the Combat Power of the player character. They mainly consist of Tendering Potions.

Tendering Potion

  • For example, if an enemy appears as "Awful" and one uses a regular Tendering Potion, the same enemy will appear as "Boss".
    • This will not be updated on the user's side. Enemies will still appear as the same rank until the player leaves the enemy until they are out of rendering distance. Upon the monster coming back into view, it will be updated.
  • The timer of a 36 minute tendering potion decreases if the player is logged on. This means that the timer will pause if a player goes offline and will resume when the player logs back on.
  • Tendering potions, except the ones acquired from Advanced Play are untradable.
    • However, they can be moved across the account via pets and bank.
    • Tendering potions purchased from Lorna with Saga coupons can be traded once, or transferred through the bank.