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Pets are companion animals that can be summoned to assist the player.

Obtaining Pets

Pets may be purchased with NX from the Premium Shop in the game's Web Shop, with their prices varying by the type of pet. Some pets can be obtained through events as rewards.

After purchasing a pet, the chosen Pet Character Card will appear in the character select screen, though some waiting and/or a re-login is required. To create a pet, click the "New Pet" option in the character select or the in-game pet menu (defaulted as "T"). Players are prompted to pick a server for the pet to appear in, though creating through the pet menu will automatically select the server the player character is in; pets can only be summoned by characters on the server on which they are created.

The maximum number of pets one can have on one account is determined by the number of characters the player already has. Each character, pet, and mini-pet (temporary pets obtained using Item Shop whistles) contributes towards the Character Limit, which is currently set to 200. Therefore, having only one character on the account allows for 199 pets.

All pets have a unique random color tint and/or shade, which is based on the current in-game time, similar to how random colors appear on newbie wears for characters. Some pets are also color-selectable, allowing the user to change certain colors of the pet; however, pets obtained through events are not color-selectable and will appear with a random color once created.

Most pets come with a book called Your Pet in their inventory when created or reborn.

Summoned Pets and Pet Role-Play

To summon the pet in-game, type "Summon {Pet Name}!" or "{Pet Name} summon!" in the all chat; the pet's name must be spelled exactly and is case-sensitive. Alternatively, open the pet menu, click on the pet, and then click "Summon". The first ten pets from top to bottom in the pet menu can be summoned through hotkeys; the order can be adjusted by clicking on the pet, clicking "Sort", and then pressing the arrow keys. Pets can also be summoned by dragging their icon from the pet menu and placing it on the hotkey bars.

To unsummon a pet, type "Return!" or "Disappear" in the all chat, click "Cancel Summon" in the pet menu or from right-clicking the pet, or set up an unsummon hotkey. Once unsummoned, the same pet cannot be re-summoned for one minute.

Each pet has a summon time which dictates how long they can be summoned each real-life day, refreshing at

7:00am PST

. When the timer runs out, the pet is automatically dismissed and cannot be summoned again until it refreshes. Summon time varies by the type of pet, but is usually over 60 minutes. The time is separate for each individual pet and does not affect another pet of the same time; for example, a summoned Shire will have no effect on the summon time of any other Shire.

Players have the ability to log-in and "role-play" as their pet. They retain the ability to join or create parties and enter Dungeons like normal characters, but cannot pick up or use Dungeon Passes (except for the Ciar Event Pass in the Animal Dungeon Event), enter Shadow Missions or Theatre Missions, speak to any NPC (except for NPC animals such as Rab, Ruwai, Transportation Elephants, and Rabbit Under Treatment), trade with non-pet players, or summon other pets. While playing as the pet, the pet will gain more experience points in combat by a percentage. However, be aware that the pet's summon time will still decrease.

Leveling, Aging, and Skills

All pets level up, but unlike player characters, their skills cannot be chosen. Depending on the pet's type, they automatically learn and rank-up skills at specific current levels. While summoned a pet gains 25% of the experience their masters earn in battle, but when playing as the pet they gain full experience plus a percentage based on the type of pet and its Intelligence; it is recommended to play as the pet for maximum experience.

Each pet has their own stat gain from leveling-up and aging, which gradually decreases and will eventually reach 0 as the pet ages. Thus, it is best to level pets at a younger age to maximize stat gain.

Like player characters, pets age-up on Samhain (Saturday).

Like players characters, most pet skills can be applied to hotkey as shortcuts. However, all pet skills have identical effects and stat gains to a Human character at equivalent ranks, with the exception of loading and cooldown times.

Using Divine Link on a pet will significantly increase their stats and grant them 100% experience earned from their masters. In addition, any aggro generated by their master is automatically redirected to their pet.


Like player characters, pets can rebirth, retaining the same name, skills, and skill ranks. However, rather than being greeted by Nao, they speak to Tin. Pets can only rebirth once every week. A Pet Character Card, even for the pet of the same type, is required for rebirth.

Pets can change species, sometimes granting the pet skills from its previous life. For example, rebirthing a Gray Wolf into an Albino King Snake will grant the snake Smash and Counterattack skills which it does not naturally have, all at the wolf's rank before rebirth. However, leveling the reborn pet will not change the ranks of the newly skills it had acquired, and will remain as such until the pet is reborn again. Skills exclusive to the pet cannot be transferred, such as Produce Cobweb.

Some transferred skills, such as Windmill or Thunder, cannot be used by certain pets. For example, a Thunder Spaniel Dapple's Thunder cannot be used by any other pet.

Pets do not have cumulative levels, and cannot learn skills by "adding on" to the pet's level after rebirth. For example, an Orange Pixie will not learn Rank 6 Critical Hit (requires level 60) by getting it to level 30, rebirthing it, and getting to level 30 again.


Pets have their own inventory space which varies in size depending on the type of pet. Items can be stored in the pet's inventory and can be moved to other characters in the account.

Pets can be used to watch Personal Shops, which keeps the shop open without a Personal Shop Brownie. While managing the shop, the pet's summon time will not decrease. However, the player cannot summon any other pets to help in battle, access their inventory, and unsummoning the pet will automatically close the shop. While the pet's inventory cannot be accessed, the player may search what it has by right-clicking the pet and selecting "Search Inventory", which is case-sensitive.

Pets also give a Companion Bonus after a certain amount of time while summoned, giving the owner temporary stat boosts based on the pet's species and age. The stat bonus will gradually decreases as the pet ages.

Pets can be given a command to execute certain actions or skills. Some commands are exclusive to certain pets. For more information, see Pet Commands. Pets may also be programmed with Pet AI to behave in a certain manner without being instructed manually.

Some pets can be used as mounts, and some can fly in Flight Zones. However, most pets cannot fight while the owner is mounted on them.

Other unique features include:

  • Certain skills exclusive to the pet.
  • Gathering Herbs from the pet.
  • Having the pet fight while he owner is mounted on them. Only pet skills and ranks are used, and their Mana and Stamina are consumed upon loading skills. The owner's Damage, Injury, and Critical are used, but any weapon equipped by the owner has its Proficiency and Durability affected. Some pets are also limited to certain skills.


  • Pet hunger can reach up until 10%; the system message will say the pet is "very hungry."
  • When defeating a monster, pets will leave a "Finish" above the enemy's head for the owner, unless Summons Finish Automatically is enabled.
  • When opening the pet's status window (by right-clicking the pet and selecting "View Status"), a bell sound will ring and the pet will immediately head toward the owner.
  • Pets may also earn titles if certain conditions are met. These pet titles have no effect on the pet's stats, however.
    • These titles usually only last for the duration of time in which the pet has been summoned. However, titles like "the Fashionista" can be permanent, so long as the requirements are met each time the pet has been summoned.
  • See also Pets List for a breakdown of pets and their abilities, Pet Comparisons for overall differences, and Pet AI for pet AI information.
  • Players can warp players to other locations by having them mount the pet and then use a warp method (e.g. Continent Warp). The owner must be dismounted.
    • Players can warp a person to their original location by going into Avon via Avon Feather, having the player mount the pet, and then leave Avon.
  • Pets are automatically desummoned upon starting Commerce or nearing an Iria Raid field and cannot be summoned during such instances.
  • Pets cannot have active totems in their inventory, even while playing as the pet.


Partners are special pets with abilities exclusive to them. For more information, see Partners.

Pets Currently in NA

See Pets List.


  • Pets originally "spoke" in foreign servers. However, their speech has since been replaced with "..."