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General Information

The Bank in Mabinogi serves several purposes. Items and gold can be stored in it, for a fee. Players can also take out money in the form of a check for easier gold-based trades. Banks also can redeem codes that players were provided with from Events or Promotions.

Item Storage

Storage Area

An example of the bank's item storage window.
  • Items can be stored in the bank by clicking the "Open My Account" or "Bank" buttons when talking with a banker.
  • The total storage area is 12x8 (96 blocks) per character.


  • Depositing an item costs a small fee: 2.5% of the item's NPC purchase price.
  • Fees are deducted from your bank gold balance. If your balance is insufficient to cover a fee, the outstanding amount will be taken from your inventory. If the total amount of gold in your bank and inventory is not enough to cover a fee, the deposit will be rejected.
  • If a deposit is canceled (you withdraw the item again before closing the bank window), the deposit fee is refunded back to your bank balance regardless of where the fee was taken from.
  • If a withdrawal is canceled (you re-deposit the item into the bank before closing the bank window), no deposit fee will be charged.

Item Transfers

  • All characters on the same game server and belonging to the same player's account are listed as individual tabs in an in-game bank account. Each character's tab has its own bank inventory space below it and they all have the same amount of individual storage space.
    • Initially, whenever the bank account is opened, the only character tabs shown are those of characters from the same race as the character opening the account. However, the tabs of characters from other races can be displayed by clicking on the appropriate race checkboxes listed above them, that is, initially only one of the three race checkboxes will be ticked and clicking on the unchecked ones will display all the character tabs (conversely, unchecking a race checkbox will hide all the character tab's belonging to that race).
  • Unlike transferring an item from a player's to a bank's inventory, there is no charge for transferring items between character tabs on the same in-game bank account.

Item Withdrawal and Transfer

  • Withdrawal is free.
  • Note, however, that items are physically stored at the specific branch that you originally deposited the item into. If you withdraw it from another branch, you will have to pay a small fee and wait for it to be transferred.
    • You can chose to not wait for it, by using the immediate transfer option, which costs more.
    • The transfer time depends on how far away the original bank is from the withdrawal bank.
      • Example: Transferring from Cor to Bangor will take much longer than from Dunbarton to Bangor.


  • A password can be set for your Bank.
    • Press the "Lock" button at the bottom of the Banking interface to create a password.
    • The password can be changed, using the above, once you access your Bank tabs.
      • When changing your password, you must enter your existing password, as well as enter your new password twice for confirmation.
  • This password is entered every time you access the Bank, or make a Direct Bank Transaction.
  • If the password is forgotten, it can be reset by following these steps:
1. Navigate to the Support Section of the website and click on “Bank Pin Info”
2. Click on “Reset My Bank Pin”
3. An email will be sent to your registered email address with details on how to reset your pin
4. Follow the instructions provided in your email to reset your pin in-game
5. Log into the game to select your new bank pin
  • If you do not enter the correct password, the password field will reset.
    • If you do not enter the correct password five times, there will be a downtime of one minute before you can retry again.

Gold Transactions

Depositing Gold

  • To deposit gold, click the "Deposit" button when talking with a banker. A pop-up window will appear requesting you to input the amount of gold you wish to deposit. On default, the amount will be all the gold you have on-hand.
  • All characters on the same account and server share the same gold bank, regardless of race.
  • A maximum of 20 million gold can be stored in the bank per character, up until the 10th character. For the 11th character and beyond, they can only store up to 10 million gold per character. In other words, an account with one human, one elf, and one giant can have up to 60 million gold stored in its bank. An account with 10 humans, 1 elf, and 1 giant can store up to 200 million + 10 million + 10 million = 220 million gold.
    • This includes characters on other servers. For example: if a player has a human and elf on one server, and a giant on another, they can store up to 60 million in the bank on both servers.
    • Pets do not count toward this limit increase.
  • There are no fees for depositing gold at a bank.

Withdrawing Gold

  • To withdraw gold, click the "Withdraw" button when talking with a banker. A pop-up window will appear requesting you to input the amount of gold you wish to withdraw.
  • There are no fees associated with taking out gold.

Creating a Check

  • If, while withdrawing, you tick the "Issue a Check" box, the money will be withdrawn in the form of a 2x2-sized check instead of as gold pieces.
  • There is a 5% processing fee for writing a check. In order to write a check, you must have enough gold to cover both the amount for the check and the fee beforehand.
    • Example: If your check is for 10,000 gold, you must pay an extra 500 gold as fees.
    • Players with Premium Service do not pay check fees.
  • The minimum check amount is 10,000 gold and the maximum is 10 million gold. Checks can only be written in 10,000 gold increments.
    • VIP Service increases the maximum of a check to 40 million gold.
    • Guardian Guild Members have access to an increased maximum by 10 million gold in their town.
  • Checks do not expire, and they can be stored in a Pet's inventory.
  • Additionally, there is also a 5% processing fee for mailing checks through the Mailbox. You must have the fee amount in your inventory in order to mail the item.
  • You cannot use a check as payment for a mailed item.

Direct Bank Transaction

  • When an item is bought for at least 50,000 gold from a NPC or another player, or is sold for at least 50,000 to a NPC, the player will be given an option to engage in direct bank transaction. In this case, the money will be taken directly from (or deposited directly into) the player's gold bank.
  • The following scenarios apply when engaging in direct bank transaction:
    • If the item is being bought, the bank fee will be similar to taking out a check.
      • Example: Buying an item that costs 50,000 gold will actually cost 52,500 gold; assuming the fee's rate is 5%, 50,000 goes into purchasing the item and 2,500 is given as bank fees.
    • If the item is being sold, the bank fee will be similar to depositing gold.
      • Example: Selling an item that costs 50,000 gold to an NPC will actually earn 45,000 gold; assuming the fee's rate is 10%, 45,000 gold will go into the player's bank and 5,000 gold is lost as fees.


  • On a Wednesday (Alban Heruin), the Bank Transaction Fees drop by 25%.
    • Example: 10% Fees Rate will drop to 7.5%.

Guardian Guild Discount

  • Members of a Guardian Guild receive a 5% discount on banking fees in their town.

Bank NPCs

The following table lists the bank NPCs for each town.

Who Where
Bebhinn Tir Chonaill
Austeyn Dunbarton
Bryce Bangor
Jocelin Emain Macha
Erhard Dugald Residential Town
Leslie Sen Mag Residential Town
Clodagh Abb Neagh Residential Town
Bernardo Cuilin Residential Town
Ethna Qilla Base Camp
Hagel Filia
Weide Vales
Voight Cor
Arenen Zardine
Devi Taillteann
Keith Tara
Augustine Port Cobh
Mont Commonwealth of Belvast