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The First Steps of Meditation

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The First Steps of Meditation[1]
1 × 2
A book that teaches you to replenish your pool of Mana through your own will rather than solely depending on Eweca.
Read this book carefully to raise the Meditation Skill from rank F to E.

Obtain From Stewart's Shop
Price 3,500
Tradability Untradable
Effects raise Meditation skill from rank F to E
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Crafted Into
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- The Way of Meditation -

written by Leslie

Every human action comes from a conscious decision, and this comes from a person's spirit. A person's spirit and body are closely related. Therefore, Mana, which powers the spirit also affects the body as well.

Erinn's nature is full of Mana, and since the body doesn't really use a lot of Mana, it is always restored by nature. It seems that daily activities do not require Mana, whereas using magic requires significant amount.

That is why when anyone learns magic, they also learn how to manage Mana. They also learn how to recover lost Mana faster. (If you haven't learned this, ask the magic teacher who taught you magic)

Mana is most abundant during the night when Eweca is in the sky. Outside of this, Mana is hard to recover. What you need is Rest. If you rest, you decrease the amount of Mana being used and increase the Mana that is restored by nature. However, in order to do this, you have to minimize the body's movements, and the ordinary way of resting does not do this. You can make a campfire, which helps a little bit, but it still is not very effective.

What can you do to recover Mana faster when there is no Eweca? This is where meditation comes in handy. Meditation in other words is contemplation. It is calming the spirit so that it decreases the Mana usage from your brain activity and it helps you become one with nature and obtain Mana faster.

This is the very basic level of meditation you can learn from school, which is to slow brain activity and converse energy. Now what we're about to learn is how to become one with nature and draw its power.

How could we become one with nature? The first way is to calm yourself. At first, you might need to close your eyes, or be alone in a quiet place to do this. Gradually, you will be able to do this anywhere at anytime.

Calming yourself can also mean looking within yourself. Instead of paying attention to the world around you, focus your thoughts within. Once you begin watching what's going on inside you, you will be able to feel the flow of Mana within you very vaguely. The reason why most people who first learn the art of meditation are masters of basic Elemental Magic is because learning Elemental Magic allows you to observe the Mana flow within yourself.

Secondly, you can focus your attention towards the world. This does not suggest that you follow each distraction that comes your way. It means you change the focus from within to outside, the universe as a whole. As you recognize the universe as one whole element, extend your consciousness towards nature and you will be able to feel the flow of Mana within nature. This method takes some practice, but if you have talent, you will be able to catch the flow easily.

Third method is to connect yourself with nature itself. This requires you to feel the connection between the flow within you and the flow outside as one. This is not the same thing as how the stream connects to the river. It's more like a sponge that is floating above the ocean. The Mana that flows within you is not independent of nature or flow from one side. Rather, its existence is already a part of the nature's flow of Mana.

The moment you feel the oneness of the Mana's flow within you with nature, Mana stops becoming something that you need to obtain, but something that you have unlimited access to already. Through this method, magicians can arrive at an advanced level of meditation.

In an advanced state of meditation, you can walk around and still recover Mana. However, because there is a chance of breaking meditation, you should try not to run. If you have a tool such as the wand, you can more easily feel this connection and you can even run as you meditate.

I hope that this book has enlarged your understanding of Mana and nature as well as help you pursue a higher state of meditation. Meditation is not only beneficial for recovering Mana but it is ultimately a tool that allows you to reflect.