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The Good Son

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The Good Son[1]
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A fairytale that's been passed down through generations in Physis. Read this book to learn how to raise your Cooking skill to Rank 7.

Obtain From Glewyas and Fishing in Avon
Price 10 Royal Court Food Delivery List 1, 15 Royal Court Food Delivery List 2, 20 Royal Court Food Delivery List 3
Tradability Untradable
Effects Raise Cooking skill rank 8 → 7
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Crafted Into
Conditions [[Image:Book toggler {{{conditions}}}.png|{{{conditions}}}|link=]]
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- The Good Son -

Falc's Story

Unknown Author (Story passed down from generation to generation in the Physis area)

A long time ago, a young boy lived alone with his mother in a house in the remote forests of Physis.

The boy's name was Falc and though he was very young, he loved his mother dearly and obeyed everything she said.

One day, Falc's mother became very ill. More than anything Falc wished for his mother's recovery. But no matter how earnestly he tended her, her illness would not leave.

One day, Falc's mother called for him and made a request. "My child, there is something I have been craving. i feel as if eating it would give me the strength to recover."

And then she whispered into his ear what she wanted... Raspberries!

Falc and his mother lived in the coldest region of Physis where snow falls year round. Where would he find raspberries?

So though he left home with a firm promise that he would return with raspberries, he had no idea how he would obtain them.

Still, encouraged by the thought that his mother might get better, Falc traveled throughout Physis in his search for raspberries.

Falc searched and search, yet found nothing. Finally, just as he was about to collapse from frostbite and exhaustion... He saw in the distance a small field filled with flowers.

He mustered the strength to drag himself to the field. Though it was surrounded by snow, the field felt warm.

Not only that, but the field was filled with ripe, delicious-looking raspberries! Next to the field, a kindly looking old man was lying on a mat, napping.

Falc waited quietly for the old man to wake. When he did, Falc told him about his situation and asked if it would be okay to take some of the raspberries.

The old man, impressed by the boy's love for his mother, allowed the boy to take as many as he wanted.

Falc, excited about his good fortune took a handful of raspberries and ran home as quickly as he could.

Falc's mother, after eating the raspberries, seemed to be recovering for awhile... but soon fell ill again.

"Falc, i wish... I could have some more of those raspberries..."

Falc once again ran to where the old man was and brought back raspberries for his mother.

Whenever Falc's mother ate the raspberries, her health would improve for awhile but she always grew ill again. Falcs visits to the old man became more and more frequent. Then one day, the old man said to Falc... "Its been 3 years since you've started coming here for raspberries. your mother still doesn't seem to be better...

But unfortunately, it is time for me to leave this place. When i am gone, there will be no more raspberries here for you. so I shall give you one last gift."

The old man brought out a small jar and offered it to Falc.

"This jar is filled with raspberries that will help your mother get well. Take it with you and offer it to your mother a little bit at a time."

Falc thanked the old man and went home holding tightly onto the jar.

Inside the jar was something soft and sticky. It was very sweet and smelled of raspberries. even the smallest bite made the color return to Falc's mother's face.

It lasted a long, long time without spoiling.

One day, the bottom of the jar started to show. But Falc's mother had fully recovered from her illness. So Falc and his mother lived happily ever after.

-The End-