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Portrait of GlewyasFile:Glewyas.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Chef/Kitchen Dungeon Keeper
Location Rath Royal Castle
(Kitchen, First Floor)
Track When Cooking Art
Looking for the legendary chef that resided in the Rath Royal Castle? Then you've come to the right place. I am he!




Cooking is everything to this man in the black scarf. As the top chef in all of the Aliech Kingdom, he is treated with respect, not just for his rank, but also for the marvelous delicacies he coaxes out of the kitchen.

Glewyas is an advanced chef stationed in front of the Iron Pot which is the entrance to the Kitchen Dungeon. He dreamed to be the greatest chef in the entire world, and has appeared to achieve this goal. He has Rank 1 Cooking, and can help further the player's Cooking rank. He can also teach Evasion.


In his past, he owned a Japanese Bobtail named Cinnamon. What happened to it is unknown but it probably died due to old age. Glewyas considers getting another cat.

He has a daughter named Edna, whom he says is headstrong and stays out late.

Glewyas mentions having being divorced. He also has a large crush on Arzhela.

Mainstream Story



Secret Shop

Glewyas has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of NPC Intimacy with him.


Glewyas has authored a book:



Track Title
When Cooking Art
Entering Glewyas's Kitchen