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Portrait of Glewyas
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Chef/Kitchen Dungeon Keeper
Location Rath Royal Castle
(Kitchen, First Floor)

Track When Cooking Art


Cooking is everything to this man in the black scarf. As the top chef in all of the Aliech Kingdom, he is treated with respect, not just for his rank, but also for the marvelous delicacies he coaxes out of the kitchen.

Glewyas is an advanced chef stationed in front of the Iron Pot which is the entrance to the Kitchen Dungeon. He dreamed to be the greatest chef in the entire world, and has appeared to achieve this goal. He has Rank 1 Cooking, and can help further the player's Cooking rank. He can also teach Evasion.

In his past, he owned a Japanese Bobtail named Cinnamon. What happened to it is unknown but it probably died due to old age. Glewyas considers getting another cat.

He has a daughter named Edna, whom he says is headstrong and stays out late.

Glewyas mentions having being divorced. He also has a large crush on Arzhela.

Secret Shop

Glewyas has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of NPC Intimacy with him.




Track Title
When Cooking Art
Glewyas' Kitchen


Glewyas' past can be viewed by eating the following dishes:

  1. 5 Star Shrimp Bruschetta
  2. 5 Star Pasta Marinara
  3. 5 Star Granita
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Glewyas Chronicles

  • Chapter 1: Appetizer. 30 years ago, when Glewyas was young, he traveled to become the greatest cook in the world. He traveled with a Japanese Bobtail named Cinnamon. While they were traveling, they saw many people on the ground heavily injured. Cinnamon stated that the people were attacked by the "Shadow Chef" with his special skill called "Master Pasta", confirmed by one of the fallen chefs. This "Shadow Chef" appears to be poisoning other Chefs with his culinary skills, and soon, all of Erinn would be under his control. The fallen chef told the duo to save Erinn from the evil Shadow Chef!
  • Chapter 2: Main Dish. The Shadow Chef is seen attacking a female chef with his skills, until Glewyas appears. Glewyas then challenges the Shadow Chef. The evil chef uses his "Master Pasta", which appears to have given Glewyas indigestion. The Shadow Chef is surprised how Glewyas knew the secret of the Master Pasta attack with a single hit. Glewyas then drops a cooking pot in the battlefield, in which the female chef cheers. However, one of the Shadow Chef's minions states that the Master Pasta was not his strongest skill, leaving her in shock.
  • Chapter 3: Dessert. Continuing where the minion said the Master Pasta was not the Shadow Chef's strongest skill, he mentions that he had yet to use more than 10% of his strength. The Shadow Chef laughs at Glewyas, saying that the pot is arguably far from his cooking skills, and uses his strongest skill called "Salsa King." A follower says it is a feared dish, named for its noodles that resemble the passionate movements of salsa dancers. Glewyas collapses due to the power of the Salsa King, and sees that he is unable to beat the Shadow Chef. Before all seems lost, images flashes in his mind, showing that the fallen chef asking him to protect Erinn, the female chef cheering on his skills, and Cinnamon saying he can succeed, and Glewyas stands up to protect his comrades. This shocks the Shadow Chef, and Glewyas uses his ultimate skill called "Romantic Punch Pasta" and defeats the Shadow Chef, causing him to fall and complain on how he lost to a novice. Glewyas states that the Shadow Chef should have studied Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book. The credits then rolls, only introducing Glewyas, Cinnamon, and the Shadow Chef.