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The Origin of Moon Gates

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The Origin of Moon Gates[1]
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A book that explains the origin and the principles of Moon Gates scattered throughout Erinn.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 400
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

By Mian

During the second war that happened in the field of Moitura, the Zavkiel the evil wizard used a spell that summoned the Moon Rock, which put eternal fear on the whole world.

It's the spell that involves dropping the Moon Rock of Ladeca, using the power of Eweca.

Numerous people collapsed and cried at the apocalypse-like disaster that was dropping from the sky, and every spot where the Moon Rocks landed burst into flames. Fortunately, Maurus the great hero defeated Zavkiel. Otherwise, Zavkiel would have seriously ended the civilization as we know it.

After the war, while the reconstruction of towns were in full force, the Druids discovered that the particles of Ladeca found in different places during the war contained unfathomable amounts of mana on each of them.

The scholars and druids then got together, wondering what to do with this amazing amount of Mana.

After long hours, they came up with two solutions.

One, return these rocks back to Lameca. Using the mana laden in the Moon Rocks, a reverse spell could result in these rocks returning to where it came from by connecting the Moon Rock to another one far far away using the mana.

But this solution, based on the wish that people want to remove all kinds of references to the traitor Zavkiel and the war, was quickly shot down by the second solution that placed practicality on top.

By utilizing the power to distort the space and distance through the mana emitting from Moon Rock, the Moon Rock could actually transport humans and items to other places. An experienced wizard can simply use a spell to utilize the mana and transport items and humans to other places where the Moon Rock may be found.

Once the second solution gained traction, the wizards used teleport-like spells, utilizing the mana from the Moon Rock, to build what is now known as the Moon Gate.

When the night falls, and the power of Eweca sweeps through town, the Moon Rock will connect with other Moon Rocks in the world, and people will able to teleport to other areas with no regard for time or distance.

To those about to use the Moon Gate today, remember one thing. This is how the Moon Gate came about.