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The Tragedy of Emain Macha

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The Tragedy of Emain Macha[1]
1 × 2
A book about the invasion of Fomors in Emain Macha

Obtain From Aeira
Price 800
Tradability Unknown
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- The Tragedy of Emain Macha -

Written by Lesley


Erinn River runs down as if it splits down Uladh continent in half and it is the source of one beautiful lake called Sen Lake. Emain Macha is beautiful town placed right beside this beautiful Sen Lake. There are many travelers visiting every year in order to experience historical places around the town.

However, many people are not aware of something. Not too long ago, this beautiful city was burned down completely, by the invasion of Fomors...

People remember that incident as The Tragedy of Emain Macha.

Beginning of the Tragedy

Everything started at the peaceful night of Samhain. There were few signs of warning from days before Fomors' raids, such as increased appearance of Goblins and Kobolds at Coill Dungeon. However, no one took it seriously, until they came... As sun was completely setting, powerful Fomors appeared from Coill Forest and that was the beginning of the Tragedy.

Fomors entered through the north gate of Emain Macha and destroyed everything on their way while heading south, The most heavily damaged structure was lord's castle at the north of the town. The north gate of castle was completely collapsed, and many soldiers sacrificed their lives while defending it. Fomors seemed to know the confusion created by the enthronement of new lord Rian, since their timing of invasion cannot be better.

Fomors advanced toward south and hunted down every human they could find, and town's lack of preparedness cost many lives.

Royal Guards and Paladins tried to stop Fomors, but Royal Guards weren't strong enough to fight against Fomors and Paladins' delayed reinforcement caused even more havoc. Fortunately, Royal Guards and Paladins joined their forces rather quickly, and fight against Fomors together. Eventually, they forced Fomors away from Emain Macha. Under command of new lord, Fomors are forced as far as Coill Dungeon.

During the process of driving Fomors back to their dungeon, few soldiers and the lord were injured, but most of damage has already been done at the beginning. and compare to earlier damage, Compare to the destruction of earlier, damages during latter part were minimal.


After force out every Fomor back into Coill Dungeon, scholars of magic examined the entrance and seal of statue of goddess. However, they weren't able to find out how Fomors could escaped the dungeon. This spells trouble for Emain Macha because soldiers cannot prevent Fomors' charge until they approach near the town.

Therefore, Emain Macha's defensive system went through a big change.

The first goal was to have more powerful Royal Guards. Lord Rian's injury wasn't serious, but it was a serious matter. Royal Guards' duty is to protect the lord at all time and in any situation. However, injury of lord Rian concerned many people, and many projects to make powerful Royal Guards were ordered.

Next, Paladins were promoted to a group under direct control of the lord. Originally, Paladins were created in the name of Lugh the Knight of Light. They were trained to protect righteousness and goodness of this world, and was under control of Cathedral. However, as they lost most of their troops during the Tragedy, including their captain Redire, their ability to handle extreme situation like this was questioned. In addition, people weren't very sure if their existence would help their safety anymore.

Therefore, Esras, the minister of Emain Macha reorganized Paladins under direct order of the lord so that Paladins could aid Royal Guards in case of emergency.

Esras did many more incredible things in order to take care of chaos that this Tragedy created. Free medical cares and tax cuts for those who injured, plans to rebuild and reinforce damaged buildings, modified the defensive system for possible invasion in the future, and created jobs for people who lost their work place by launching number of rebuilding projects for infrastructures. With her quick and effective countermeasures, Emain Macha recovered faster than no one could ever imagine.

Things we Learned from Tragedy

Emain Macha's Tragedy costs many lives but they teach us a valuable lesson.

People re-realized the existence of Fomors that were almost exterminated during Moitura battle. People learned that Fomors regained their power, and became a legitimate threat to humans, yet again.

On the other hand, even after a disaster like this, it is better to stay busy by focusing on appropriate recovery projects, than stay down with your sorrow and despair.

People learned a lesson, they learned that they cannot ignore anything about Fomors even if it is an insignificant event. Moreover, we need to be prepared against invasion of Fomors even in peaceful days in order to prevent another Tragedy like this.

This book is trying to tell all of you that you should be prepared to stand against Fomors at all time. I hope you can learn from our costly mistake.