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HP/MP/Stam bonuses

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I figured I'd put this discussion on this page since it applies to most alchemy skills. I have looked over most of the skills and I noticed we haven't updated the formulas yet. For example, from what I've heard/seen of flame burst, the additional damage from HP is .008x your current HP (it's a low multiplier, 8 flame damage per 100 HP) and similar things for the other skills, it'd be behooving to have those new formulas on the pages of each skill, however I don't know each stat bonus and I have only rF alchemy ranks other than mastery itself, so I have no real way of testing this myself.

Marith (talk)17:17, 28 September 2013

This page has most of the multipliers. The formulas, in alchemy's case, was not changed at all except with a +(x*y) at the end. Just to clarify what they mean on the negative hp for life drain, they mean 200/700 HP will be 700-200=500, and 200/700 would make life drain better than 200/500.

Pyro - (Talk)18:46, 28 September 2013

+(x*y) is still an adjustment though. I understand /how/ the bonuses are applied, but I think we should add the new co-efficient to the page. We have "Damage increases with higher HP" So why don't we just slap on "Damage increases by 8 for every 100 HP the player has." as well? I really don't understand the other portions of alchemy damage and I have no idea whether the HP(or other stats) bonus adds to the base (although it sounds like it doesn't, that'd get a little crazy) But I just think that the amount of extra damage should be added, rather than just "it increases"

Marith (talk)00:06, 29 September 2013

Yes, please do add them if you want to. I personally avoiding touching formulas on this wiki.

Pyro - (Talk)00:21, 29 September 2013