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Tense Escape SM

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Flint
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I had the problem with my hands being too short too. After trying many, MANY rocks out of my way, I found one I was able to reach. Hopefully this helps someone.

Not sure if it works for elves, since my character is a human.

Angle I approached it from (left), location on the map (right)
⸺ 💕 (talk)00:11, 18 December 2022

Thanks for that, it worked. It seems you can't mine on the other spots except the one you were at. I tried all the others and I couldn't mine at all.

Sreto (talk)03:30, 18 December 2022

The issue might just be that the nodes don't properly update if you had them visually loaded prior to the weather change (an issue that I think also affects normal Zardine nodes). But a little bit more research would need to happen to be sure of that.

Lint (talk)04:28, 18 December 2022