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Likelihood of Likability

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Secret Shops
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yeah, the info makes it sound like it's always going to be that number & that you just gift them the amount of pots & they'll give you access to their shop, but they do get stressed from it. with agnes, she only needed 5 or 6, but i did use a keyword with her before gifting. with nora, she needed the exact number listed, no keywords at all. with gordon, i've gifted him the 7 that's listed, but he still won't grant access. it seems like memory helps in cases with ~5 pots so npcs don't get stressed after receiving the same gift repeatedly & that likeability pots DO stress them out to the point where 7 pots in succession & a keyword won't get you access

Tonyvision (talk)08:26, 21 February 2020