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Secret Shops

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Some NPCs have Secret Shops in which they sell special items to their closest friends. They often contain skill books and other items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

All secret shops reset at 12:00AM Pacific Time (3:00 AM Eastern Time).

To access the shop, players must raise the NPC's Intimacy at which point new items can be found in the NPC's normal shop or a new shop tab.

Over time, Intimacy level decreases. Players must maintain intimacy with the NPC in order to continue accessing the Secret Shop.

List of Secret Shops

To understand how Intimacy works in full, see NPC Intimacy.

In brief, all Secret Shops require 5 Likeability Potion.png Likeability Potions. Do not speak to the NPC at all; simply gift them 5 Likeability Potions and then access their Shop.

NPC Items Notes
What is an Ensemble?
Compose Rank D→C
The Path to Composing
Compose Rank C→B
Instrument Ranges
Compose Rank B→A
The Fundamentals of Becoming a Great Composer
Compose Rank A→9
Resting Guide
(3,800 g)
Rest Rank E→D
Quick and Effective First Aid
(4,700 g)
First Aid Rank F→E
Weapon Collection Series Vol. 1
(7,700 g)
Hooked Cutlass (Hidden)
Special Item Collection - Signs
(7,700 g)
Big Pelican Protector (Hidden)
Food Collection - Snacks for Everyone
(7,700 g)
Apprentice Chef's Hat
Food Collection - Meal that's Simple, yet Filling
(8,800 g)
Advanced Chef's Hat
Food Collection - A Special Dinner with Someone
(9,900 g)
Professional Chef's Hat
Collect Music Bottles
(12,000 g)
Big Slit Full Helm
Scary Library Pass
(4,444 g)
10 per In-Game Day
Scary Library Access
Awakened Strength Powder
(50,000 g)
Material for Step 7 Special Upgrades:
Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone
Eweca Red Upgrade Stone
Material for Potent Bonding Violet Perfume
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Baking
(5,500 g)
Cooking Novice→F
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Simmering
(5,500 g)
Cooking Rank F→E
About Kneading
(6,000 g)
Cooking Rank E→D
Boiling: The Basics of Heat Cooking
(9,800 g)
Cooking Rank D→C
About Noodle-Making
(9,900 g)
Cooking Rank C→B
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying
(11,800 g)
Cooking Rank B→A
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying
(25,800 g)
Cooking Rank A→9
0 Sign
(2,000 g)
  • Lucas's secret shop can only be accessed through a membership that can be bought for 50,000 g
  • Only 2 items appear in his secret shop per in-game day with some exceptions where he will sell an additional 1-2 extra items.
European Comb
(44,000 g)
Couple Ring Glove
(25,000 g)
Glove of Extravaganza
(85,000 g)
Purple Rose Decoration
(25,000 g)
Purple Rose Bouquet
(50,000 g)
Single Purple Rose
(35,000 g)
High Quality Log
(3,500 g)
Used In Collect High Quality Log
Campfire Rank 9→8
High Quality Wood Board
(150,000 g)
Used In Collect High Quality Wood Boards
Campfire Rank 8→7
Pot of Basil
(2,000 g)
Abstaining from Emotion
Taunt Novice
The Good Son - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
10 1s, 15 2s and 20 3s)
Cooking Rank 8→7
Pastry Discussion Vol.1: Pie - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
20 2s and 30 3s)
Cooking Rank 7→6
Culinary Artist's Course: Steaming - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
30 1s and 35 2s)
Cooking Rank 6→5
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Pizza - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
40 1s and 30 2s)
Cooking Rank 5→4
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Fermentation - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
40 1s and 30 3s)
Cooking Rank 4→3
Sous Vide: Where Science Meets Cooking - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
30 1s , 30 2s) and 30 3s
Cooking Rank 3→2
Handbell for Giants (C~G)

Special Coupon Shops

Aeira and Manus also have a special shop that can only be accessed with a coupon from Fleta and not by raising their Intimacy.

List of Special Coupon Shops

NPC How to Unlock Items Effects
Fleta's Chore Quest The History of Music in Erinn (4)
(13,200 g)
Musical Knowledge Rank B→A
Patterns of Power (4)
(50,000 g)
Glyph Lore Rank D→C
Rab's Dog Collar Quest First Aid Using Splints
(8,000 g)
First Aid Rank E→D
The True Value of Mental Rest
(6,190 g)
Rest Rank D→C
Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 2
(35,000 g)
Rest Rank 3→2