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The description of this map needs to be entirely redone.

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It's riddled with opinionated and speculatory information.

Examples: "Sidhe Snechta is famous for the grave of the snowman that embodies all the sad stories of the Druids." -Besides the typo, it would be nice to know what NPC states this.

"pronounced "shee snick-thuh" " -This is incorrect. Sidhe Sneachta is roughly pronounced "Shee Shnah-tuh" in Irish. The CH is pronounced similarly to "loch" in Scottish, but the sound is dropped entirely before a T in northern Irish dialects. No research was done before adding this mispronunciation, thus it is opinion and not fact. (Though the recently added translation is correct!)

"It is sometimes humorously referred to as "Snowman Hill" due to the overwhelming number of snowmen in the area." doesn't sound like factual information at all, and more an outdated public nickname.

I'm personally happy to redo this page to match other pages, and place relevant trivia in it's own section of the page, however since it would likely revamp most of the existing information, I would like to state my reasoning beforehand before I do.

MasterGiegue (talk)12:40, 13 February 2021

"Sidhe Snechta is famous for the grave of the snowman that embodies all the sad stories of the Druids" the source attached for this was the old world map on the extra content section of the NA website. Unfortunately, I don't think there's an existing copy of the map still around since even the Internet Archive can't play the map anymore. My guess would even be that the snowman hill quote is from the same webpage. We probably don't need this info though.

As for the pronunciation, I prefer IPA when possible to avoid that sort of thing. Even "Shnah-tuh" isn't foolproof because you could write Shnarch-tah, Sneahc-tuh, or Snar-tah going off of teanglann and focloir's variant pronunciations and they all would work.

This isn't even the only map page that could use some work at the moment; I think those old quotes just make it seem worse.

Lint (talk)22:27, 16 February 2021

Oh that's a shame about the old information. That stuff might be best shuffled into a Trivia section and noting the old inaccessible source, then...

And I absolutely agree on using IPA. Was laziness on my part, haha. Difficult language aside, I don't think a wild innaccurate guess was the way to go. I'll see about cleaning the page up when I've got some free time.

MasterGiegue (talk)05:50, 17 February 2021