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Who am I?

On the Wiki

Hi I'm Giegue. [ɡiːɪɡ]
I can't code and struggle with the template systems, so I will often only fill in missing information, or create a page that already has a format to follow.
Otherwise I end up eating an entire template or the front page, and embarrass myself.
Sorry about that.


My main character's name is Giegue. They're human, Total 40k+ as of 2023.
I currently play on the Nao server, frequenting the active channel.

  • I played Mabinogi Europe in 2009 as a closed beta tester.
    • I played on Morrighan, frequently on Ch1.
    • I was a member of Origin.
    • I was active on the Forum.
  • When Mabinogi Europe shut down, I moved to NA during March 2012, playing on the Mari Server until its merge into Nao, and eventually Erinn.
    • I'm still here, playing regularly.

About Me

I'm currently a Volunteer Moderator for the Official Discord.
I spend a lot of time writing, with a strong interest in accurately recording Mabinogi's Lore and understanding the design choices.
A bit of a fanatic for finding secrets, and my friends have taken to calling me "The Mabinogi Historian", and "Mabinogi's Ghost Writer" due to my strong affinity with the story's themes.
I self-study Irish Gaelic, and can break down the pronunciation of anything in Mabinogi.


I have one Sandbox currently that I will use to draft improvements and suggestions to existing pages.


I'm going to share some of my personal notes relating to canonical yet obscure Lore on my Wiki page for any curious soul or fellow Lore nut to enjoy.
Warning: Some of my notes may contain plot spoilers.