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Ticking Quiz Bomb

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Future content.png As of Rejuvinogi Extra, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.


Inventory icon of Ticking Quiz Bomb

1 × 1
Stack: 20

This bomb will give another player a timed quiz! Use it on a player you suspect of botting. But beware, using these on nice people could make you a few new enemies. Try saying hello before you blast them back to the stone age!

Basic Information

The Ticking Quiz Bombs are Nexon's attempt to control illegal botting via legitimate player activity. If you encounter a player you believe to be using bots in Mabinogi, you can purchase a Ticking Quiz Bomb from any General Store.

To use a Ticking Quiz Bomb, just right-click the Bomb in your inventory and select "Use." This will initiate an unidentified skill and allow you to target other players who are actively gathering or in combat. Use the skill on the player in question. Your part is done at this point. The target player will then be taken through some form of automated scrutiny to determine if the player is a bot. It basically works like a CAPTCHA prompt.


  • As of the maintenance on February 12, 2015, this item has been removed from the game entirely.
  • Bombs can only be used on players and players logged in as pets in the combat stance and players who are gathering.
  • A player cannot bot bomb the same person more than twice per real-life day.
  • Bombs do not work in towns, except Belvast and towns in Iria.
  • Marked players are provided a CAPTCHA prompt window.
    • The captcha prompt is always two words, the first letter of both words is always capitalized.
    • The targeted Player is given 3 attempts to solve the CAPTCHA within a short period of time.
    • The captcha prompt can be refreshed for a new one.
    • Captcha prompt duration lasts 2 minutes.
  • If the Bomb is not solved or, the targeted player fails, the targeted player is locked in place for 30 minutes to 24 hours.
    • The duration is based on how long a player has been logged on and how many times the IP address has been hit with a bomb.
  • The targeted character that fails the time bomb is locked in place.
    • All skills, gestures, movements, useable items, pets and trading will be unavailable.
    • If pets are summoned before the player gets locked, they will not desummon.
    • While the locked player can request and start a duel, the player cannot be attacked.
    • A locked player may enter Homesteads but will not be able to leave.
  • Only 20 bombs may be used once a day.
  • Bombs are exchangeable and can be used when logged into pets.
  • Monsters, other characters, and summons (such as Marionettes under the influence of Act 9: Invigorating Encore) or pets, cannot target a player locked in place by the bomb.
  • If successfully solved, the targeted player is awarded 1000 experience points. If the targeted player is unsuccessful in solving the quiz, 1000 experience points are awarded to the player that initiated the bot check.

Methods to Obtain

  • This item is no longer obtainable.