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Trial of Pain

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Basic Information

  • Possessed only by Hasidim.
  • Hasidim only uses this skill when its Health is at a certain point based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Hard: 0.00~70.00%
  • Hasidim spins his blade before stabbing the tip into the ground, dealing some initial damage and imprisoning all but one player in white mineral crystals, similar to Holy Confinement.
    • If there are still crystals remaining after 10(?) seconds, Hasidim will automatically end the Trial of Pain, instantly killing every single squad member.
  • The crystal's health is low (under 100), but based on Hasidim's remaining health.
    • Crystals will only take 1 point of damage from any skill.
    • While Hasidim's HP is high, crystals will break in a few hits. (10~20?)
    • As his HP lowers there will be crystals that take many more hits before breaking (up to 100).
  • Any skills loaded prior to imprisonment will be canceled.
  • Other players as well as pets, Summoned Golems, Pierrot Marionette, and Colossus Marionette can attack the Hasidim to free the imprisoned player.
  • Because the skill Life Drain, absorbs health from enemies rather than dealing damage, it can be used to break crystals immediately.