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I've become pretty confident in my skills in mabi now... while i might not be able to do many of the high level dungeons i know now that i can hold my own in most situations. my guild Enix is slowly growing and making its way to being a normal guild though we still have issues with activity.

i've recently understood the quality's that i would like to actually have in a partner in the game and in friends as well. my friends list has also been maxed... T_T

I'm sill hoping to help in contributing more into this wiki

may 4th 2012: i've pretty much given up on mabi for now. though i may come back to it at some point. currently at runescape. username Stefana_dlon. been working on the runescape wiki over there now :P

About me

Stefana characterpic.jpg Server Mari Guild Exix
Race Human Married to
Age 17 Title Discover of Longa Ruins
Profession Jack of all trades Total 160
Life 198 Mana 144
Stamina 154 Damage 44-68
Defense 9 Protection 2
Strength 78 Intelligence 97
Dexterity 87 Will 87
Luck 46 Critical 33.7
User:Chrissyofhailfire/Sandbox User:Chrissyofhailfire/Template:Chrissyofhailfire

my achievements

10/11/2010 gaining the discover of Longa ruins title.
14/04/2010 Created Enix Guild
16/04/2010 Got married in game to ZBerserk
18/04/2010 Gained Pally trans! (finally lol)
07/06/2010 Got my first ego. green gladus
14/08/2010 Was divorced from ZBerserk

my list of pages working on

image locations for exploration quests.
Transparent backgrounds for images
updating Data sheets for items
Image's updated to high quality/higher resolution

Checklist of things done

all item lists are updated (as far as i can find that is)
Food Status Effect List

helpful links and notes

Wiki related

Template functions cheat sheet [parser functions list]

mabi related

list of things i've found out that helps me or need to remember


  • while using auto is fine for people just starting out in mabi i seriously recommend practicing how to fight manually. while you may be able to get 3 hits normally from a weapon if you practice you can get an extra one in which can make the difference between having to defend for the next attack or going after the next monster.
  • I also highly recommend that you have a battle gear. while you can play dress up in mabi... don't forget that combat is part of the game as well. its generally a good idea of having either a cheap set of clothes or armor for dungeoning in.
    • heavy armor with cheap repair for humans is the Tioz Set (remember initial cost you only have to do once... repairs your stuck with) next best is Kirinusjin's
    • heavy armor with cheep repair for giants are Colin Plate Armor
    • and have that set be upgraded to help with protection and defense. having all your gear enchanted is also highly recommended... even if its simple enchants like fine or swan summoner.
      • having Rank A Enchants on your equipment will also help you down the road as well since if you get a rank 9 enchant you wont have to serch for something to put it on. it will already be there.
        • easyest way to get said rank A enchants is by spamming ciar beginner for the suffix bloody enchant scroll. however the easyest prefex is color... but it needs to be burned to put on what your wanting.
  • if you decide to train refine and have a high dex stat there is a cheep way to help get your dex down. go to dunbarton and hit the scarecrows to get the Scarecrow Sickle either find someone to burn it for you (wont take much as its rank D) or do it yourself (can be a good way to train enchant as well in early stage.) because its able to be on all you can have 5 items have a dex from -30 to -45 having the butterfinger stat on at the same time (which is typicaly easy to get) gives you a bonus negitive stat of -20 for -65 dex enough to make getting those fails a lot easyer (if you have the title use 'who Experienced Death' as it gives you -30 dex but this title is of course harder to get.)


  • advance spells may look awesome to have... but they are even better with the appropriate wand... think of how you will use it... will it be for rafting? for use in dungeons or just to have? in either of these cases you need to own a wand so while looking or buying those needed pages use that wand and start in proofing it. eventually you'll get the spells around the time where you can upgrade the wand at least once if not more. if your wanting said wand for an ego you'll at least know how to use it appropriately.


  • before you rebirth take a quest that gives a large amount of exploration exp that you are able to do with little effort... typically a statue one. this reduces however slightly the amount of build up you need to do for other quests.
    • for general leveling however i recommend either doing an ira dungeon for or Courcle exploration. if your a high lvl magic or range user consider grabbing a few friends for rafting.
      • if your needing money go for rano exploration, you could get a exploration page 2 or 4 as they are the hardest pages needed for Ice Spear, rano also boasts quite a few enchant scrolls and the masked goblins that protect the chests are easier to dispatch than the hobgoblins. only rarely do you ever encounter the statue monsters.


  • most people veiw cooking only good for a temp boost to get that last bit of exp for getting a strong title ect. but it should be viewed as a way to also get a decent income though only if your lucky. hot spring monkeys is the key to this... even with disliked items there is a high chance of you gaining a wood board.. something always desired by people either for ranking firemaking or in handicraft itself.