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Basic Information

Rafting is a minigame near the La Terra Highlands in the northwestern part of Courcle. Talk to the Native at the dock in La Terra Highlands in order to "rent" a raft for free.
  • Only party members may ride the raft (this limits the number of players to 8).
    • You must make a party to go alone.
  • To start the raft, simply click any rafting anchor at the dock or the rope that tethers the raft to the pier.
    • This also applies to releasing the raft at rest points.
  • Hobgoblins will attack the raft at certain points on the journey. Killing them rewards you with Stars and Exploration EXP.
    • Hobgoblin Warriors may jump onto the raft and melee any players nearby, usually the one they aggroed first.
    • Hobgoblin Bowmen and Exorcists will shoot from the river banks.
      • Unarmed Hobgoblin Bowmen and Exorcists of the same type will also cast a Magic Shield. If you hit that shield with the corresponding element, you will earn the Magic Shield Keyword upon talking to a Native at the rest points or dock. The keyword is used to acquire the Natural Shield skill.
  • You will earn one Star for each Hobgoblin you kill.
    • Stars will be split equally among all party members. (e.g. you will only get ⅓ of a star for one kill in a party of 3.)
    • Only whole stars will be counted; any partial stars will be ignored when determining reward (e.g. 12 ¾ stars will result in 12 stars).
  • There are two resting points on the river. You may choose to stop and rest or keep going. At this point, you may exchange your stars. If you do not wish to do so, you may continue on with your earned stars.
    • In most cases, you will be automatically steered towards the resting point if you are close by. If you are not close to the resting point, you must steer towards it. Otherwise, you may simply steer away from it to continue rafting.
    • If the raft is not released from the rest point after approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it will disappear .
      • Any player that remains on the raft at the any resting or end point when it disappears, they will be warped back to the starting point.
  • There are two end points in the river. One is located near Lappa, on the way to the Erkey Falls and the other South of Cor.
    • At the end point near Cor, the raft will automatically steer itself to the end point.
    • In order to reach the end point near Lappa, you must steer the raft to the right of the fork in the river. You will not automatically steer toward the end point unless you are close enough to the dock.
    • Any Warrior Hobgoblins on the raft when it stops at a resting or end point will disappear.
  • You cannot summon pets on the raft.
  • If all crew members are incapacitated, you are given only 10 seconds for someone to revive before the party is sent back to the starting point.
    • At least one person has to get up if the other party members wish to stay on the raft.
  • The following skills cannot be used while on a raft: Charge, Lance Charge, Pierrot Marionette, Colossus Marionette, Doppelganger, Flash Launcher, Spellwalk, Meteor Strike, Fantastic Chorus, Lightning Rod, Hail Storm, Nascent Divinity, Divine Link.
Rafting Map. The blue circle is the starting point, and red circles are the stops. Red dots are enemy clusters found while rafting


The steering interface seen when on the rudder (Right Interface shown).
A player steering the raft.
  • Click on one of the rudders at the back of the raft. Your character will start steering and will be unable to use any other skills.
    • If you click on the rudder while your character is 10 years old, you'll get "who Paddled at 10" Title.
  • Two players may steer at once.
  • Simply click and hold the arrow of the direction you want to turn the raft to steer it.
  • Click the icon at any time to cancel steering. Pressing the Esc key can also cancel steering.
    • You will automatically stop steering when attacked by a monster.
  • Steering the raft will consume 1 stamina per second. You need at least 1 point of stamina to begin steering.
    • Steering will continue even after your stamina reaches 0.
  • If you want to enter the waterfall, you must take a right at the first turn. If you don't steer, you will not enter the Erkey Falls.
    • If you dock at the rest point past the fork, you will not be able to enter the waterfall. Sitting in the raft until it disappears will allow you to return to the starting point.


  • If you have high-ranked intermediate magic/ranged and melee combat, going on the raft solo will most likely earn you more stars.
  • Having a decent Critical Hit Rank can help a lot on the offense.
  • A well-aimed Fireball, Thunder or Ice Spear goes a long way. The Hobgoblins tend to be bunched up on the river banks, making these skills ideal.
    • When charging the skills, doing it in advance is highly recommended to ensure you do not get hit by magic bolts and/or arrows during the skill's charging time.
    • Helpful if you bring a Bard with a high Vivace rank.
    • Fireball and Thunder have a range of 2000, but Ice Spear only has 1400. Ice Spear users may have difficulty getting into range and avoiding getting hit.
    • Due to Thunder's standby time after the initial hit, it is possible to hit airborne Hobgoblin Warriors as they land onto the raft.
  • High rank Crash Shot is also applicable.
    • For rangers, the character should have the reserved attack turned off and start aiming as soon as they can see the next group of monsters. Even out of range, the aim meter will still go up as the raft gets closer into range.
    • It is also recommended for rangers to not shoot immediately the cursor says you are within range, but wait one second after getting in range. On the client side, the game may think you are in range while it is likely the server does not see this. This is why some people may see their aim meter at 100% and still miss.
  • Using a high ranked Shock with Elemental Wave can be useful to gain extra kills. Hitting a Hobgoblin with Shock will kill everything around it and the next group that spawns afterwards.
  • Magic Shield skills could be useful as a defensive strategy. Using the Jungle Scout, Lava Walker and Warp Imps for this task may help a lot.
    • Having someone use the Fire-Lightning fusion while someone else performs the respective Magic Shield will help.
  • Another good strategy is to have a "tanker" with high Defense/Protection/HP and a Shield stand out in the front to get the aggro before weaker party members and take the damage while they attack.
  • If things get rough, you may also use the Playing Dead action.
  • Work on killing the ones that throw up the Magic Shields; they are the weakest.


Star.png One star.
Big Star.png Five normal Stars are one Big Star.
  • Earning 20 stars (4 big stars) by the end of the ride will earn you "the Chief Mate" title.
  • You may turn in the stars at the NPC at the end of the ride or at any of the rest points. You will receive an equivalent number of Stars, a 1×1 item that stacks up to 100. You may use these stars in the shops managed by the Natives at the dock or rest points.
  • If you do not turn in your stars (over your head), you may keep them as long as you do not wander out of the Courcle area, log off or change channels, or enter another raft. Once you turn them in for the Star items, you may keep them for up to 3 days. All stars can be kept for the time limit if the trade window is opened and then closed without buying anything.
  • Exploration EXP is not received directly from the Native. The only item that will reward Exploration EXP is the Elephant Statue. They can be exchanged through Voight for 2,920 Exploration EXP each.
    • The statues can be traded throughout an account via pets and bank.
    • Hobgoblins give 50 Exploration EXP per kill. (Monsters must be Normal or above in CP to obtain the EXP)

Rewards Shop

Related Titles

# Name Hint Description Hint Requirement Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
21 the Chief Mate Raft the Sutyu River to seek excitement and adventure! Board a raft. After braving the raging river and Goblins, you earned the title of Chief Mate. Earn 20 stars (4 Big Stars) or more during a single Rafting trip. MaxMP -25, MaxHP +10, MaxSP +10, Str +5, Int +5, Dex +5, Will +5, Luck +5, Defense +2
75 who Paddled at the Age of 10 This title is awarded to adventurers that have paddled on a raft at the age of 10. Control a raft rudder. You seem to be gifted in sailing after paddling at such a young age. Control one of the rudders on a raft at age 10

Tip: You can get this title without even launching the raft.

Str +5, Will +10
Dex +10
Max Stamina +15

Luck -15, Int -15


JP wiki article on Suytu River - used for rewards information