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My IGN is ironwoman, and yes, I'm noob. I play in Alexina, usually ch 1. I usually make edits on future contents, especially enchants. In mabinogi, I usually run elite missions. After G16, Beach of Scathach is my new play ground, and Saga Episode 4 became my replacement after Saga was released. Add me if you want to ask things in game, I'll be able to answer almost anything.


Fun Facts

  • Fan of blue color. I will gladly accept #0000c0 dyes.
  • I still have access to the glitched part of Osna Sail. The part below the cliff where it's all white.

Useful Links

Mabinogi Item Simulator

Just like the title says, the link I have on this page is a redirect to an item simulator. From this, you can simulate the special upgrades process, reforging process, dyeing process, etc. It will even show how much "gold" you spent on the item.

For example, I did a little bit of a test with "Languhiris Bone-Breaker".

To get to R6, I spent 1308000 gold and 34 upgrade stones.

To get the reforging stat of Fire 6 level, Windmill 8 level, and Lance Charge Main Target Damage 7 level, 1 Credne and 222 Fine reforges were involved, with the total cost of 26913000 estimated gold to be involved, and around 240 dollars.

To get Ice 5 and Lance Charge Main Target Damage 18 level, 128 more Fine reforges were involved and 120 more dollars.

To get Fire 6 and Smash 19 level, 50 more reforges were involved. So in total 400 reforges, and the net amount of real money spent is 403 dollars. Note that this is without enchants, meaning the price will spike up more due to that fact that it's a rare lance and enchants will spike it just a bit.

This should give an idea to people who want to make/buy an "amazing lance" that they want and show the real costs involved.


  • Rank, Rank, RANK WINDMILL! Seriously people. If you think it's hard to train, I don't see how those of you that complain would have played Mabinogi before the windmill training adjustment and destinies
  • Rank CP-low skills that are efficient, such as Sword Mastery, Refining
  • If you have AP, don't be afraid to spend them. They're meant to be spent
  • Same for gold, except save enough so that you could repair, buy potions, etc. Only buy if you need it
  • Don't pvp. They're a waste of your time if you're doing it seriously. If you're just messing around, that's better.
  • Enchant your gears. Enchanting is a way of making your character stronger.
  • Enchant before reforging. You want to have the additive stats first then your multiplicative stats, as the latter will scale better when there are more additive stats.