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Osna Sail

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Osna Sail

The grassland pathway connecting Dunbarton and Emain Macha.

An alternate route from the grasslands of Sen Mag leading further inland. Although a time-saving shortcut, it is a narrow and dangerous road infamous for numerous wild beast attacks.[1]

Osna Sail is a narrow mountainous passageway between Dunbarton and Emain Macha. As it directly connects the two cities, many ambitious journeymen take this path rather than taking a long detour through the Sen Mag Plateau. Wolves are seen frequently seen on the path, preying on unsuspecting travelers.

Field Bosses commonly seen are Sheep Wolves and Mini Bears, which attack at random, so travel with friends when at a low level.

There is a high probability of running into Bandits as Osna Sail is a tight passageway, with almost no way to get around them.


A map of Osna Sail


Field Boss


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