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Eh, I look stupid. -_-

Um yeah. This is me. I play on the Ruairi server and try to help this wiki. If you wanna join you don't have to play on the Korea sever and always give us new stuff, fix the things from NA that are broken, clothes, grammar, broken links, monsters, you name it.

In Game

I don't really wanna tell you my other characters. But if you need to find me I'll probably be in Dunbarton or Cor on channel 7. My main character is a healer and not very strong so I just hang back and support the party, not try to go kill everything. Not much here, cause I don't want to talk about it.


Even though I'm sorta new I use this thing everyday. I watch the Recent Changes like a hawk, so if I see someone messed something up I'll fix it. I'm a little OCD when it comes to stuff like this, so I would prefer it if you do not give misleading info or wrong info. Sure it follows the rules, but I don't like it when someone just makes a couple of edits, then spams out on their user page. Personally I think if you don't make at least 10 edits a week you should be deleted. But that's just me. Again please fix anything you see. If your not sure wear to start you should look at Powder Rune's or Aramet's pages. They are admin's so they know what to do.

I just realised how moderator that sounded.

To Do

~ Clean up grammer

~ Implement Categories into the food coresponding with how they are made

~ Research more about gems

~ Research more about Courcle artifacts

~ Research Feild Bosses


Sweet over 100 edits! 7/26/09


Angevon, Akumo, and Aramet make a good A-Team.