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About Me

I'm Meru1 on the Tarlach server, the best server, and I'm usually found in ch6 unless I'm checking the stores in ch7, fff stop changing the shop channel people. I've been playing Mabinogi since around the end of G1 then quit for awhile until the end of G2, but now I'm active everyday. Largely preferred to contact me in game if needed.


  • Doesn't use enchants, armor, upgraded weapons, or holy water
    • Fights just fine, in any instance, without all those
  • Hates mutant rabbits more than anything
    • These things are pure evil and seek out your doom constantly
      • They never quit either
  • Always thinking of get rich quick schemes
    • They work sometimes she swears
  • Likes death and impossible challenges
  • Likes making up future content and having them be impossible
    • Duncan has to be the final boss, he knows way too much about everything
  • Likes the 4000 range ego bow she has
    • It out ranges desert/prairie dragons
      • Take that dragons
  • Free rebirths 99% of the time
  • Doesn't do shadow missions unless people bug her enough to do it
  • Has all the story line done up to Saga 1
    • Doesn't remember any of the story at all
  • Has blurry memory at best
    • Always questions everything because of this