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User talk:Meru

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Hydra and frail green kiwis213:20, 24 April 2015
Sakura Abyss Ignoring PD122:16, 23 July 2014
Frost Blade Debuff?521:22, 5 August 2013
Taming the Puppet Banshee520:44, 29 October 2012

Hydra and frail green kiwis

I was unable to harm them with it myself you sure it hasn't been changed?

RJWaters (talk)08:48, 24 April 2015

What's your rank? You might not have enough magic protection lowering.

Meru (talk)13:03, 24 April 2015

that's probably it

RJWaters (talk)13:20, 24 April 2015

Sakura Abyss Ignoring PD

I hit a TNN Zombie (Level 3 MD, Level 3 NS, Level 2 HS), apparently only the HS triggered; they didn't ping blue or yellow.

Instead of deleting that line, you should have changed it to say that it triggers Heavy Stander instead of Natural Shield.

Infodude575 (talk)22:03, 23 July 2014

Was just about to add it back in, but I can't really seem to get a good data shot. It almost seemed as if it ignored the halving of damage from heavy stander. I keep getting too many crits to really tell. EDIT: Finally got it. Yep still halves. Was checking just to make extra sure since the previous comment said it ignored all passives.

Meru (talk)22:08, 23 July 2014

Frost Blade Debuff?

Were you fighting the White Dragon when you were debuffed by the snowfield slayer? If so, are you sure it wasn't the dragon's debuff?

Ehh, if it matters, during the Snowfield Slayer's usage, I would randomly deal a non-crit 1.2K smash. Normally I hit around 300~400.

まそっぷ ! (talk)21:09, 5 August 2013

I made sure like 10 times it's from the slayer's hit. I also made sure of the half prot and half defense thing.

Meru (talk)21:10, 5 August 2013

Ehh I've been hit by it and I didn't feel damage difference towards me. Maybe I'm just tanking too hard.

まそっぷ ! (talk)21:11, 5 August 2013

Well he's not very strong to begin with. I usually don't wear armor or anything and it's not really noticeable to me either, but I had my character window open once and saw that I had 8 defense now instead of 15. I thought it might be from the wyverns at first, but it's not.

Meru (talk)21:14, 5 August 2013

Kevin, White Dragon doesn't debuff, that's its cousin.

Infodude575 (talk)21:22, 5 August 2013

Taming the Puppet Banshee

Just curious, what rank is your friend's taming, what did he use, and how long did it take him?

Infodude575 (talk)19:33, 29 October 2012

They were rank 1 and used normal store bought bait. It took them like 3 tries, but that doesn't really say much. I'm also rank 1 and it took me around 30 before I got it.

Meru (talk)19:45, 29 October 2012

Ah, I gave up after 120 on Rank F. ><

Infodude575 (talk)20:12, 29 October 2012

Yeah, they have about 2100 cp or something might need like rank 5 or 8 or something.

Meru (talk)20:13, 29 October 2012

B-b-but my CP's 1.7k!

Infodude575 (talk)20:42, 29 October 2012

I really don't think your cp has anything to do with taming wild animals. Just the monster's cp.

Meru (talk)20:44, 29 October 2012