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Getting to know me


Hello, i'm Miyani. I play mabinogi North america, and mabinogi china. my specialty in mabinogi is fashion and all things pertaining to it. In real life i study fashion design, and make customized things for ABJD's. I really enjoy being creative, creating new things and designs is exciting and enjoyable.

I am 22 years old, female both in game and in real life. However, i don't like revealing who i am in game, on either china or NA, (i will say i play on Ruairi though) It complicates things too much. I've been playing mabinogi since right after beta, (sad i missed it).

as for what i do here on the wiki, i correct the occasional typo and upload angles, info, and icons for clothing. in the future i hope to add a unique feature to the wiki.

NA goals


-will re-tune later, removing for being out of date-

Sand Box

Name Image Emotions
Kristell Kristell.png Base - Normal

MabiNovel NPCs MabiNovel Special Emotions NPCs

Name Image Emotions Obtainable from
Kristell Kristell.png Base - Normal Dunbarton Collection Book
Manus Manus.png Base - Normal Dunbarton Collection Book

MabiNovel Backgrounds

MabiNovel BGM

Track Name Theme Obtainable from Listen
Final resting place Peaca dungeon Emain Macha Collection Book


Item Personality Disposition
Grace Shawl Dress (Womens) Clumsy 16