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Portrait of Aer
Race Water Spirit
Gender Female
Location Ceo Island
(Underground Spring)


With hair that seems as pale as water,
she is an elf whose body is so slender that she actually seems as if she could slip through the cracks of my hand.
She is looking my way with her endlessly deep dark blue eyes.
Her pale skin and lips show fear and wariness, as if at the slightest movement, she might run away.

Aer is a self-conscious and flighty water spirit, found in an underground spring on Ceo Island. She is a key character in Generation 2 and plays a minor role in Generation 11.

Giving Aer a Suspicious Fomor Pass (by clicking and dragging the pass to her) will cause her to explain about the Siren in Rundal Dungeon, and converts the pass into a Rundal Siren Dungeon Pass.

Mainstream Story


  • Despite being a water spirit, the word Aer in Latin means "Air".