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G2 Cutscene

Musashi Kagehide, a legendary samurai to be, the type who owns a Japanese weapon collection, the most precious to hi mbeing one he bought for $50 from Disney World; however, he hopes one day that true katanas may be in Mabinogi, no longer having a Black Wooden Blade the closest thing to his favorite katana. Interesting, I know. He dreams of the day he can obtain Dual Wield and Final Hit, aiming to be one of the first to achieve the Final Hit Master title.

He used to play World of Warcraft. However, he recently cancelled his subscription, to free himself to do better things (such as Mabinogi).

Real Life

Almost done with high school, only a few days left. 'bout damn time.

In-Game Life

Currently on Generation 3 Mainstream quests. He is torn between the decision to remain a righteous Paladin, or convert to a dreaded Dark Knight. All that Baol Final...


He plays on the NA Tarlach server. His characters include:

  • Musa (Age: 42 years past 25; Level: 30; G1) - Bank Character/Proficiency Trainer (Melee)
  • Kumoritama* (Age: 16; Level: 29, 62 total; G3, skipped G1) - Melee Warrior
  • Shoubu (Age: 20; Level: 26; G1) - Magician/Musician
  • Vrykul (Giant) (Age: 16; Level: 11) - Bank Character
  • Jushirou (Elf) (Age: 16; Level: 17) - Bank Character
  • Sennyo** (Assistant Elf) (Age: 21; Level: 8) - Bank Character/Proficiency Trainer (Ranged)
  • Kumoyuki** (Assistant Giant) (Age: 18; Level: 24) - Hottie Powerhouse

* The character he mainly plays as.

** These two are his only female characters.