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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Cleaning. 122:45, 3 April 2016
Fixed Metal Dyes from the Set 010:18, 23 November 2014
AP Potion Help.512:48, 2 November 2014
Those Bags100:11, 6 October 2011


18:43, 1 August 2015

Sorry for the late reply, I was having Laptop issues and was actually away from mabi for a while.

welp, you already deleted them so im okay with it. not too important.

22:45, 3 April 2016

Fixed Metal Dyes from the Set

Hey so like, I was wondering if anyone else has gotten the Fixed Metal Dyes from the Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule Selection Set?

I was wondering if anyone was able to trade them. I am asking since there isnt a page about it and I cant seem to drop or Sell them from my bag shop thing.

10:18, 23 November 2014

AP Potion Help.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone else can confirm that with a new Character, they get 500 AP....either that or a New Account, Cause I had made another account when I had problems with mines and Noticed that I had gotten that AP bottle.

Im just trying to confirm so I can add it to the AP Potion Page.

03:05, 2 November 2014

Yes i can confirm this

04:11, 2 November 2014

Do you know if its just New Characters or if its Only New Accounts?

I know for sure New Characters get them but not sure if its Limited to Recently Registered Accounts.

05:39, 2 November 2014

That guy is vandalizing, so don't take his word.

08:21, 2 November 2014

Thank you Infodude575 for the Link.

Also, Thanks Sakura502....that makes sense since I could tell something was off with the little bits of data and finding errors sometimes.

12:48, 2 November 2014

Those Bags

Aren't those bags from the Commerce Imps in Bangor in G15S1 Extra?

Pyro - (Talk)

00:08, 6 October 2011

not sure, I saw them in the "Patches" so I thought I might as well add them.

00:11, 6 October 2011