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Sakura502 the Decepticon ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Guild Converse
Gender Female
Race Human100
Part-time Job {{{Part-time}}}
Repair {{{Repair}}}
Server Alexina100
Total Level Potato
Location(s) Everywhere
Current Talent
Favorite Skill
Transformations Spirit of Order.png100Awakening of Light.png100
Demigod Support Morrighan Skill Icon.png
Mainstream Quests
1 2 3 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25
The Saga: Iria
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The Saga: Iria II
P 1 2 3 4 5 6

About Me

I am busy training and ranking skills, also facing the wrath of training skills. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. I am a Decepticon (Wiki Moderator) along with User:Blargel, User:LexisMikaya and User:Kiyoura. According to Mikaya, I'm friendly despite my status.

I started this game at like the end of 2008. Sakura502 is my second character, my first one was screwed up(in stats and skills) so I ditched it and got a new one. I have an elf, Misha502, but I never use it because I feel that my main isn't good enough right now. I wanted to help edit the wiki, but failed majorly and then left because I wasn't motivated enough(?).

If you need help with something, please don't mind adding me. But if you're going to be annoying, please don't. ಠ∩ಠ



Only putting those I have/had interest in ranking at some point, I rank somethings for fun without actual effort. Maybe except Evasion, not sure when I'll rank that up more.

Paladin Spirit of Order.png100Power of Order.png100Eye of Order.png100Sword of Order.png100Paladin Heavy Stander.png100Paladin Natural Shield.png100Paladin Mana Deflector.png100
Combat Combat Mastery.png100Smash.png100Windmill.png100Assault Slash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Charge.png100Human Ranged Attack.png100Magnum Shot.png100Arrow Revolver.png100Crash Shot.png100Support Shot.png100Critical Hit.png100Evasion.png100Lance Counter.png100Lance Charge.png100Final Hit.png100Blunt Mastery.png100Axe Mastery.png100Bow Mastery.png100Crossbow Mastery.png100Lance Mastery.png100Shield Mastery.png100Light Armor Mastery.png100Heavy Armor Mastery.png100Crisis Escape.png100Dual Wield Mastery.png100
Alchemy Fragmentation.png100Synthesis.png100Flame Burst.png100Sand Burst.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Frozen Blast.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Golem.png100Rain Casting.png100Shock.png100Heat Buster.png100Chain Cylinder.png100Water Alchemy.png100Fire Alchemy.png100Earth Alchemy Mastery.png100Wind Alchemy.png100Transmutation.png100Guard Cylinder Mastery.png100Elemental Wave.png100Hydra Transmutation.png100
Magic Magic Mastery.png100Enchant.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Lightning Bolt.png100Ice Spear.png100Fireball.png100Thunder.png100Blaze.png100Hail Storm.png100Healing.png100Mana Shield.png100Meditation.png100Fusion Bolt.png100Bolt Mastery.png100Ice Mastery.png100Fire Mastery.png100Lightning Mastery.png100Magic Weapon Mastery.png100Snap Cast.png100
Life Rest.png100Weaving.png100Tailoring.png100Sheep Shearing.png100Potion Making.png100Herbalism.png100Fishing.png100Cooking.png100Hoeing.png100Metallurgy.png100Refining.png100Blacksmithing.png100Mining.png100Carpentry.png100Commerce Mastery.png100Transformation Mastery.png100Rare Mineralogy.png100Shyllien Ecology.png100Hillwen Engineering.png100Magic Craft.png100Tasting.png100Ingredient Hunting.png100Catering.png100Exploration Mastery.png100
Music Playing Instrument.png100Compose.png100Musical Knowledge.png100Dischord.png100Lullaby.png100Enduring Melody.png100Battlefield Overture.png100Harvest Song.png100Vivace.png100March Song.png100Song.png100Fantastic Chorus.png100
Puppetry Colossus Marionette.png100Pierrot Marionette.png100
Dual Gun Dual Gun Mastery.png100Reload.png100Flash Launcher.png100Grapple Shot.png100Bullet Slide.png100Bullet Storm.png100Gun Ballet.png100Way of the Gun.png100
Hidden Talent Berserk.png100Doppelganger.png100
Crusader Shield of Trust.png100Celestial Spike.png100Judgment Blade.png100


Trivia Wall of Shame

A great idea from another wiki.

  • Aer - "It was possible that Aer is the incarnation of Macha, a deceased goddess believed to have disguised herself in the image of a mermaid or siren and bears a soul plagued with sorrows, possibly explaining Aer's own sorrows and her negative self-image. Aer being as a spirit, her knowledge of Paladins and ability to bless their armor, and her possession of Brionac may also allude to this. However, this was disproven in The Saga: Iria."
  • Devi - "It should be noted that his equipment is unique and unobtainable by normal characters."
  • Ducats - "In Generation 1, Fomorians do not use Gold because that is what Glas Ghaibhleann feeds on."
  • Knocked Unconscious - "Male and Female characters have different unconscious postures."
  • Macha - "Unlike the other two Badhbh Catha Goddesses (Morrighan and Neamhain), she does not have black flowing hair nor black wings"
  • Macha - "Macha is the only currently known deity with red-colored wings."
  • Mammoth - "A mammoth is an extinct animal in real life."
  • Rosencrantz - "In the original story of Act 4 Scene 2, the group does not encounter Elsinore Rats nor Pirate Crewman Skeletons. Instead, they meet Prince Fortinbras who is headed to Poland to do battle."
  • Trade Assistant Imp - "The Trade Assistant Imp makes a reference to Ryu from Street Fighter, who actually did go around the world carrying a sack."
  • Yeti - "In real life, the Yeti is a cryptic animal."