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User talk:Kirbysama

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Hi, its me, Kirbysama ^^ I'm new to wikis, but I can make little edits and contributions :D Tell me anything you want to here, suggestions, complaints, help requests (though idk how much I can help you xP)


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Link to your user page217:49, 16 November 2011

Link to your user page

Please go into 'my preferences' in the top-right and check/uncheck (I forget which) the "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" under the "Signature" section so that your signature on threads will link to your user page.

17:27, 16 November 2011

Thanks. I was beginning to wonder why my name wasn't blue :P


17:38, 16 November 2011


Okay, it works~ For your future reference, it's Uncheck. Thanks for telling me~

17:48, 16 November 2011