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Weapon Collection Vol. 1

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Weapon Collection Vol. 1
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Obtain From Aeira's Secret Shop
Price 7,700g
Tradability Tradable
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Reward Hidden Hooked Cutlass
Crafted Into
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

No. of Items Collected : ___
Current Collection Rate : ___%
There are numerous [weapons] spread out across Erinn. Collect all the [weapons] mentionned in this book and place them in this book, where it'll absorb the items. The magic that is binding the book will repay you with a special reward.

Wooden Blade

Attack 4~11
Critical Hit 10
Balance 50%

A very well-refined wooden sword as powerful as any metal weapon. The weapon is very well-balanced that it's the weapon of choice for beginners that wish to practice before moving on to bigger weapons.


Attack 8~19
Critical Hit 10
Balance 55%

It is quite literally a long sword about the length of an adult's arm. It's a perfect size for anyone to handle with one hand.
It's the weapon of choice for experienced warriors thanks to its high attack rate and good balance. The more you get used to it, the harder it is to let go. With its long reach and balanced attack rate, this has been a popular weapon of choice for many explorers, but the main drawback is that the blade does not last long.


Attack 13~30
Critical Hit 12
Balance 55%

Features a blade wide enoug to fit three fingers on it. Features a high level of balance, but the wide blade also contributes to high repair/upgrade cost.
An effective 2-hit weapon preferred by advanced warriors.

Bastard Sword

Attack 19~34
Critical Hit 10
Balance 38%

A powerful weapon that has no huge flaw other than the fact that it is difficult to make a 3-hit combo. The name Bastard Sword derives from the fact that the weapon's size is somewhere in between the longsword and the two-handed sword.

Fluted Short Sword

Attack 7~18
Critical Hit 15
Balance 40%

This sword features the blade of a short sword with a groove right running through the center to reduce its weight. The groove also minimizes the friction of the blade at the moment of contact.
This weapon possesses high levels of attack rate, critical hit rate, and balance. Because of its low repair cost, it is a very popular weapon for those that prefer using their weapons for long periods of time.


Attack 6~55
Critical Hit 15
Balance 35%

A short blunt weapon that features a radial shaped metal piece on the tip.
It is strong enough to inflict damage even on enemies that sport armors.


Attack 12~28
Critical Hit 25
Balance 35%

As you can see from the prefix 'bi', it is a light axe that features sharp blades on both sides of the head. It features a high initial attack rate, but the thinness of its blade contributes to its short life span.

Two-handed Sword

Attack 25~50
Critical Hit 0
Balance 50%

A longsword that can be described as colossal for its massive size and weight, it is a weapon of choice for warriors with indredible strength.
The sword itself is longer than most people's height, so it's impossible to handle in one hand, but it features a high level of balance along with its amazing power. This sword serves as proof that the owner is indeed a true warrior.


Attack 35~95
Critical Hit 0
Balance 18%

It's a powerful sword with a unique name called Machete. Because it cuts through objects using the weight of the blade, the damage this sword causes is enormous. However, the blade is also prone to high levels of friction on contact, and its handle receives the full brunt of the impact, lowering the durability of the weapon.

Gargoyle Sword

Attack 40~100
Critical Hit 0
Balance 15%

A type of Machete the Gargoyles use. It may be the preferred choice of weapon for them...