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What We Call 'Iron'

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What We Call 'Iron'[1]
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Literature that looks at the life of metal.

Obtain From Gilmore
Price 400
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- What we call Iron -

written by Gilean

Iron is originally a very shy mineral.
It rarely comes outside of the ground.
It hides between stones and rocks,
it hides from everything alive.

But humans won't leave Iron alone.
They use hoes and axes to dig it out.
They heat it up with fire and awaken it from its sleep,
blow wind from bellows to stir it up.

As Iron turns bright red from the heat
humans form it into chunks of metal.
They tie it with ropes
so that it can't hide anymore.

However, the Iron quietly weeps.

One day, Iron is thrown into a furnace
as flames envelopes Iron and turn it bright red.

It is then pounded a thousand, ten thousand times by the hammering of humans
into the shape of swords, hammers,
and spears.
Like that, Iron loses its original form

never to be the same.

After much angst and perserverence
pain wells up within Iron
and hardens inside.

Iron, who now shines brightly
quietly takes its revenge
by cutting and slicing everything that comes in contact with it.

Book iron.jpg

However, the object of the iron's built up suffering and wrath
ends up killing those
who had nothing to do with its suffering,
because it is used
by those who abused it
This is how the tragedy begins.

humans breed their suffering and anger inside iron,
and they use it
to hurt other humans.

And, even after it is used until it breaks
still iron cannot rest in peace.

The iron finally rests
when its body rusts
and crumbles away
as it slowly dies.