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Portrait of Gilmore
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Storekeeper
Location Bangor

Track My Heart!


Nowadays, these teenagers... eh-hemm!


This wiry man with a slight hump has his hands folded behind his back, and light brown hair hangs over his wide, wrinkled forehead. The reading glasses, so thick that you can't see what's behind them, rest on the wrinkles of his nose and flash every time he turns his face. Over his firmly sealed, stubborn-looking lips, he has a light-brown mustache. Frowning, he tilts down his head and stares at you over his reading glasses with grumpy looking brown eyes.

Gilmore is the general shop owner of Bangor. He is an old man with an angular back, and is seen walking around the store, constantly mumbling insensibly. He is also the only General Shop owner who does not repair anything.

Gilmore has had the general shop in Bangor for quite some time now. You wouldn't believe how much he complains about every little thing. He goes as far as expressing his complaints directly to customers who come in the shop. Your conversations with him might not be so pleasant. Everyone in town knows about his difficult personality and moodiness, and will show an adverse reaction if you mention his name.

Access to Special Barri Mines

As part of the quest to make a Spirit Weapon, you will talk to Gilmore using the Ancient Spirit Fossil Keyword to buy a Spirit Fossil Pass for 5,000 Gold. This pass will allow you to enter the Spirit Fossil Mines, where Ancient Spirit Fossils can be mined.

During the Generation 2 Mainstream Story, you will be asked to talk to Gilmore using the Mythril Mine Keyword. He will take Aer's Letter and give you a Mythril Mine Pass for Barri Dungeon to mine Mythril Ore. After using the first pass, you can speak to him with the keyword to get another, however subsequent passes will cost more each time one is bought (100G, 200G, 400G, ... up to a maximum of 6,400G). When the Mythril Mine is entered, there will always be a one real life hour time restriction (as described in Generation 2's Mythril Mine section) but you will have access to the mine from now on, by using the keyword and buying a pass from Gilmore.

During the Generation 3 Mainstream Story, you will be asked to talk to Gilmore using the The Pass to the Other World Keyword to enter the Pass to Another World to get to Bangor (Another World). You can speak to him with the keyword to get more passes, but they will cost 1,500G.


Gilmore's Equipment


  • The name 'Gilmore' is a surname with various meanings originating in Gaelic.[1]
  • Gilmore implies he's the landlord in Bangor, claiming to own all the buildings near his shop.