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8 o'clock Thanksgiving Event (2011)

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November 23rd, 2011 - November 29th, 2011
8 o'clock Thanksgiving Event advertisement


On November 23th to November 29th, express your gratitude in Erinn.

Head on over to Dunbarton and talk to Caravan Joe. After talking with Caravan Joe, at 08:00, both AM and PM in Erinn Time, a specific gesture will flash on screen. You will have about 15 seconds to do the exact gesture in order to receive a Thanksgiving Coupon. Collect 5 Thanksgiving Coupons and turn them into Caravan Joe and he will give you a selection of items. Choose an item and you will roll to have a chance to win the item. Don't worry if you fail! You will be given Thanksgiving Bust Coupons which can be turned into a reward box after collecting 2.

If you happen to collect 10 or 20 Thanksgiving Coupons, your selection of items from Caravan Joe will improve.

Here are a list of items that can be obtained from this Event.
- Nuadha Robe both (M) and (F)
- Marshall Enchanted Weapons - Chance to summon a monster to help out in Shadow Missions on hit
- Upgrade Stones
- Nao Coin
- and more![1]


  • When you log in during the event, you will receive the: Thanksgiving Celebratory 8'O Clock Gesture Time! Quest.
  • At 7:20 AM and 7:20 PM Erinn time, a broadcast message will alert players to get ready for the event.
  • At 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Erinn time, a broadcast message will tell which Gesture to perform.
    • You will have 15 seconds to perform the correct gesture.
    • You can perform the gesture anywhere in Erinn, excluding housing channel. You do not need to be in Dunbarton, or near Caravan Joe to receive the messages or a ticket.
      • If you are in the Housing Channel, you will be unable to participate in the event.
    • If you perform a different gesture from the correct, you will not be awarded even if you do the correct gesture after.
  • You must select the gesture from the Gestures tab under the Actions window, or use a hotkey for the Gesture to count.
    • Typing "/[gesture]" will not give you a Thanksgiving Coupon, even if you perform the right gesture.
  • When performed correctly, you will receive a Thanksgiving Coupon.
    • These coupons cannot be traded through any means.
  • Talk to Caravan Joe to trade in these coupons for prizes below.
    • When you select the prize you would like, a roulette containing a blue happy face and a red angry face will start to spin.
    • If the roulette lands on the blue happy face, you will receive the selected item.
    • If the roulette lands on the red angry face, you will receive a Thanksgiving Bust Coupon.


Main Rewards

Reward Selection

Express Gratitude Event Rewards.png



Falias Treasures


Thanksgiving Bust Gift Box

*Bandage x10


Thanksgiving Celebratory 8'O Clock Gesture Time!
How to Get Quest

Log in during the 8 o'clock Thanksgiving Event to receive the quest.

Briefing Celebrate Thanksgiving Day by joining Caravan Joe for come exiting gesturing! If you're interested, come down to Dunbarton!
Additional Information

Caravan Joe is located by the Bell Tower in Dunbarton in the continent of Uladh.



  • Despite Nexon's post on this event, Marshal weapons are not enchanted with the Marshal enchant; they are entirely different weapons.