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Perfect Skill Reset Capsule

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Inventory icon of Perfect Skill Reset Capsule

2 × 1
Stack: 100

This capsule allows you to de-rank trained skills to Rank F, retrieving the Ability Points for you to reassign. This only applies to skill that are Rank E or above.

General Information

  • This capsule allows you to select a skill to de-rank.
    • Unlike Skill Reset Capsules, this capsule will reset a skill from any rank above E immediately down to F, with only one use.
    • You will lose all training on your current rank when you de-rank the skill with this capsule. However, you can re-rank the skill without training it until it returns to its original rank.
      • For example: you de-rank your Healing skill from rank 5 to rank F. Any training done on rank 5 will be lost; however, you can re-rank the skill until it returns to rank 5.
  • For certain skills, if a Perfect Skill Reset Capsule is used on a Mastered Skill, the title becomes unusable until the skill is re-ranked to 1 again. The training requirements for rank 1 must be re-trained while the other ranks are not required to be re-trained.
    • For example: you de-rank Combat Mastery, which was mastered. The title will no longer be usable; however, you can re-rank the skill back to rank 1.
  • This item expires one week after acquiring.
    • Event versions expire in 14 days.


  • Bound to player inventory.

Methods to Obtain