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Advancement Test Hall/Firebolt

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Firebolt Dan1.png
Firebolt Dan2.png
Firebolt Dan3.png
Use Firebolt to defeat as many monsters as you can within the time limit. Dealing more damage will result in a higher score. As the test rank increases, stronger monsters will appear and you will need a higher score to pass the test.



  • 50 Points: Attack an enemy with Firebolt
  • 100 Points: Defeat an enemy with Firebolt
  • 1% of damage is converted into points
    • This is only tallied at the end of the test
  • 100 Points: Attack the Crystal Golem with Firebolt


4 Crystals will appear when the test starts, each of which charges a bolt spell.
Defeating a crystal will make the others invulnerable and summon a wave with the element corresponding to the bolt of the crystal.

General Tips

  • Your Magic and Close Combat ranks will carry over into the test, so having higher ranks would be useful.
    • Having Rank 1 Snap Cast and Spellwalk will greatly improve your score.
    • While Fusion Bolt will not contribute to points, it is particularly useful at destroying crystals.
    • Magic cooldowns are reset upon defeating a crystal, including the crystal golems.
  • Tallied points will general equal between 1000 - 2000.
    • Note: This heavily depends on how many critical hits take place.
  • Each crystal will generate one charge of an elemental bolt spell when they appear. No skill box is displayed, but which bolt spell is being charged can still be determined by examining the shape and color of the charge: fire is an unmistakable ember, while ice and lightning are largely distinguished by their speed: ice is a twinkling, slowly moving spark while lightning is a much more rapidly moving ball.
    • Whichever element they charge is the element of the sprites that they will summon in Waves 2 and 3.
    • The 'same' crystal will not necessarily be the same element between appearances, so make sure to double check!
  • Fully charge your bolt spell right after defeating the elemental crystal, as there will be a short delay before the monsters spawn in.
  • For many years, the Giant Sprites of each element would be passive; in particular they would not use their powerful intermediate magic. This is no longer true. Giant Fire Sprites will happily toss Fireballs at you as they would in other dungeons.
  • Because of both the above and their very high elemental defense against Firebolt, it is strongly encouraged that you avoid fire sprites in Waves 2 and 3 at all costs.
    • Conversely, choose Ice at Wave 2 if at all possible; you will enemies with an elemental weakness to fire for no 'cost' in difficulty.
  • Firebolt's ability to knock down the golem boss will allow you to easily accumulate points during Wave 4+.
    • Be ready to use Counterattack, just in case it still manages to rush towards you.